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At Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching, it’s our mission to help more women move into leadership roles. Women occupy less than 32% of executive positions and under 11% of CEO roles in Fortune 500 companies. We aim to change that.

One of the biggest challenges for any woman who wants to rise in her career is  mastering the skills needed to move up to the next level.  We’re going to show you how.


The goals for this program are:

  1. To help you build the clarity you need to know what your next move is. 
  2. To help you perform like a rockstar in interviews and performance reviews. 
  3. To help you position yourself for success.
  4. To help you successfully negotiate for salary (without backlash).
  5. To help you get your mindset right for leadership.
  6. To teach you valuable and necessary skills that will help you to continue to level up, achieve greater success, and feel more confident about how you show up in the workplace. 
  7. To help you become the best version of yourself – inside and out – and to protect your most valuable resource: YOU. 
  8. To ensure you’re putting your best foot forward with your resume and LinkedIn, optimized for recruiters, HR professionals, and search firms. 
  9. To build your confidence and eliminate imposter syndrome.
  10. To help you build a stronger and more robust networkeven if you’re an introvert. 
  11. To help you connect with peers throughout the United States and multiply your network and opportunities.

Susan…has quickly become more to me than just a career coach. She is more of a luminary, helping me to envision and plan all that is possible in my career. To get quick results, Susan combines compassion, intuition and effective counseling skills with razor-sharp business acumen and enthusiasm for what she does. In just three short months with Susan’s help, I have taken real steps that are positively impacting my work, life and relationships. If you are “stuck” professionally, Susan will work to uncover hidden fears, beliefs, and imaginary obstacles that may be the only thing standing between you and your ultimate success. Unlike some coaches who just sell hope, Susan’s pragmatic approach will help you to achieve tangible improvements in how you see yourself and your work. If you hire Susan, be prepared to be challenged and inspired to work towards all that you dare to dream. Take action and hire Susan…you will be glad you did!

Brande P.



As a member of this program, you’ll also get:

  • A safe, women-only space where you can connect and talk about your career challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • Plenty of time and space with your coaches to ask questions and learn from their expertise. 
  • A place to connect with your peers.
  • A community of other women who are on the same journey as you.
  • Access to major players in the executive search and recruiter space, allowing you unparalleled access to opportunity.
  • A way to multiply your network.
  • A space to get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had yet.
  • Connections to the right people to help you elevate.
  • Dedicated time just for you, something that, as women, we often forget to take.
  • A place to make new friends!
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Who it is NOT for:

This program is not for you if you:

  • Do not want to advance in your career.
  • Are not interested in learning the skills that will take your career to the next level.
  • Are not ready to be a little uncomfortable (predicted levels of discomfort are like a gentle yoga stretch. If you can handle that; then you can handle this).
  • Are comfortable with your current level of income and current job title.

Who it IS for:

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a woman currently at the Director level (some Managers and Senior Managers are eligible, talk to us about that) and want to progress to higher levels.
  • Want a seat at the table.
  • Have seen underperforming or toxic coworkers get promoted and wondered why.
  • Have hired someone, only to watch them leapfrog over you to get a promotion you might have wanted.
  • Have wanted to move up, but don’t understand “politics” or have decided not to play them at all.
  • Feel like there’s something you’ve been missing, after years of working hard, doing a great job, but not seeing the rewards in title or salary.
  • Are tired of feeling frustrated, underemployed, under-challenged, underutilized, and underpaid.
  • Want to make intentional career moves, but also don’t want to live at work (yes, we will show you how to achieve some measure of balance in your life, too!)

If it sounds like this program is for you, then read on!


At the heart of this program, you’ll find the three core components necessary for career success: Coaching, Community, and Curriculum.

Two people sit across from each other in a modern, bright room with large windows and a gray sofa. One person is on a green chair, the other on a blue one. A tall, black floor lamp stands behind them as they engage in leadership coaching. A table with drinks is between them as they discuss development as leaders.


You’ll have access to not just one, but several LIVE coaching sessions throughout the week and month:

  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions* – Live hot seat coaching and Q&A with BMEC Founder Susan Baroncini-Moe. Get your questions answered, even if you can’t make the live sessions.
  • Monthly Live Expert Resume and LinkedIn reviews* – have our resume and LinkedIn profile expert review your documents and provide feedback.
  • Weekly Live Prep Sessions for Interviews and Performance Reviews* – we’ll role play so you can practice, you can ask questions, and we’ll give you interviewing tips and strategies to help you put your interviews and performance reviews on steroids.
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with executives, leaders, recruiters, and HR professionals* – BMEC Founder Susan Baroncini-Moe will be diving into her Contacts list to bring in and introduce you to leaders and executives who will help you see things a whole new way. You’ll be able to ask them questions, what they want to see, how to get promoted, pet peeves…all the ins and outs of hiring and promotions, and everything you ever wanted to know from the inside.

*All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand for the group!

More than that, you’ll also have personal access to your coaches throughout the week.


picture of Susan Baroncini-MoeSusan Baroncini-Moe, M.A. is your head coach, an executive coach for the last 20 years. Susan has worked with clients around the globe and at all kinds of companies, including Fortune 100 and startups, nonprofit and academia. Susan will help you understand how to elevate your career so you can level up faster, get a seat at the table, increase visibility, and have greater impact.
photo of Candace BarrCandace Barr is a certified resume writer with over 12 years of experience. Candace understands what makes hiring managers tick, and creates custom documents and communication materials that get results. 77% of professionally written resumes illicit immediate contact from recruiters, and Candace will review your resume and LinkedIn to help you get much better results.


I found Susan’s style to be open, honest, candid, and caring. My time spent with her has been invaluable…I can’t recommend the experience more highly. I finished our engagement with a toolkit I can carry with me and with a clearer set of priorities to focus on as I take my next steps.

Mary R.

A group of seven diverse women seated on colorful, painted stair steps, smiling warmly at the camera. They are dressed in casual clothing, mostly in denim jackets and jeans, and seem to be enjoying each other's company in a lively, outdoor setting after a leadership training session.


In this safe, secure community, you’ll be able to connect, network, and commune.

You’ll interact with other women who are at a similar point in their career journeys to where you are. Ask questions, Discuss a wide range of topics. Share your stories, advise and challenge your peers, and engage with your coaches.

We want you to build connections and relationships, supporting each other and building lasting friendships.

You’ll find that while your network might not be massive, others will have a wealth of connections that can help you grow and elevate.

And, while you might not know the answer to your current work dilemma, your peers might weigh in with some great advice (along with your coaches). Together, we are mighty!

From talking through one of the trainings to asking for feedback, it’s all right here in your community.


You’ll get access to our most popular, on-demand courses from our training library, including mini-courses on confidence, trusting your gut, and rocking your first 90 days in a new job or role!

You’ll also participate in a LIVE course, something we’ve been teaching clients for years and are now teaching live for the first time ever:

Course: The In-Between the Lines Game

(Value $999)

This course will cover the secret game that’s being played all the time in the workplace, the thing that gets people promoted (even when they’re not great at their jobs).

  • You’ll discover the ways you’re holding yourself back in your career without even realizing it.
  • You’ll learn how to claim your achievements in a healthy way that doesn’t feel like you’re a used car salesman.
  • You’ll begin to build and leverage strategic relationships that will help you become more successful in your work and make bigger career moves.
  • You’ll build confidence and banish imposter syndrome.
  • You’ll stop ruminating and worrying when things don’t go perfectly.
  • You’ll learn how to become less of a perfectionist.
  • You’ll become more intentional and strategic about your career.
A woman with long hair is sitting at a wooden desk by a sunny window, holding a white mug in one hand while working on a laptop. The desk is cluttered with another laptop, papers, and a backpack. She appears focused on some executive coaching materials and is dressed in casual attire.

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to reach the next level in my career and increase my executive presence. I worked with her for nearly a year, and Susan helped me identify methods for navigating interpersonal dynamics and bringing intentionality to relationship building within my professional relationships. As a result of our work together, I achieved my goals and got the promotion I wanted. Equally importantly, I learned skills that will help me manage what I think a successful career will look like in the years to come.

Susan has a formidable background that allows her to be exceptionally effective in coaching. Susan’s approach is non-threatening and compassionate, and she provides very focused support toward her client’s goals. She combines her experience, intuition, and knowledge to provide guidance appropriate for each unique set of circumstances. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an executive coach.

Michael H.

Vice President



A woman with short hair sits at an outdoor table, holding a pen and paper. She wears a black dress with sheer sleeves, glasses, and black heels. A large black handbag is on the table. Potted plants and buildings are visible in the background, suggesting she might be planning her next leadership development session.

As a member of the Director-to-VP and Beyond Program, you’ll also get access to:

  • Build Your Confidence mini-course (Value: $199)
    In this course, you’ll learn how to grow more confident, how to rid yourself of imposter syndrome and know that you are capable of whatever life throws at you!
  • Negotiate Compensation for Women mini-course (Value $599)
    In this course, you’ll learn to navigate the highly nuanced waters of negotiating salary and benefits as a woman so that you can negotiate confidently and avoid pitfalls, getting the best package possible when you take a new job.
  • Trust Your Gut mini-course (Value: $199)
    In this course, you’ll learn how to trust what your gut is telling you and when to listen to your instincts.
  • Your 90-Day Win mini-course (Value: $299)
    In this course, you’ll learn how to gather intelligence to help you set goals for your first 90 days in a new job, so that you knock everyone’s socks off.
  • You’ll also get some surprise mini-courses!
  • Library of Meditation Sessions

I decided to work with Susan because I was at a pivotal point my career, getting ready to interview for a promotion to the next level of my organization. Susan helped me to identify my unique value proposition with my team and as a leader. We also took things a step further than my interview and really dove into where that value would translate into future contributions to my organization.

As a result of working with Susan, I received the promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. More importantly, I seamlessly overcame several hurdles that could have derailed my progress.

Suzanne C.

Chief of Staff



You’ll get:

  • Coaching:
    • LIVE weekly career and executive coaching with Susan Baroncini-Moe, M.A.
    • LIVE weekly resume and LinkedIn reviews with Candace Barr.
    • LIVE weekly prep sessions for interviews and performance reviews.
    • LIVE monthly Q&A sessions with executive search firms, recruiters, and HR professionals.
    • BONUS: Library of meditation sessions
    • Access to your coaches outside your sessions.
  • Community
    • A safe, women-only community.
    • Connect with your peers.
    • Multiply your network.
    • Build connections with others on the same journey as you.
    • Live weekly networking sessions with your group.
  • Curriculum
    • Our entire library of on-demand courses
    • The In-Between the Lines Game LIVE
    • Mini-courses
      • Build Your Confidence
      • Negotiating Compensation for Women
      • Trust Your Gut
      • Your 90-Day Win
      • And more!


  • 6-month minimum commitment.
  • $500/month (or pay $2500 upfront and get a month free)

What You Can Do To Increase Your Return on Investment:

  • Show up and participate!
  • Take the courses.
  • Do the homework.
  • Engage with your coaches.
  • Connect with your peers.
  • Ask allllll the questions!
  • Provide feedback.



How do I know if this program will be right for me?

If you’ve read this entire page and you’re still not sure, then the process for signing up will actually be valuable for you. A conversation with BMEC Founder Susan Baroncini-Moe will help both of you to determine if this program will help you. All you have to do is schedule a conversation and together, you and Susan can assess the program and see if it’s a good fit for your unique situation.

What's the difference between this program and 1:1 coaching?

If you’re looking to make fast progress, and you have the resources to invest, then 1:1 coaching may be a better fit for you. 1:1 coaching offers the privacy and intimacy that simply isn’t possible in a group. That said, many of your colleagues will have very similar problems and challenges to the ones you face, and we’re hoping that will make you feel more comfortable sharing in the group.

The group program has many benefits that aren’t possible in 1:1 coaching. This group will give you exposure to not just one, but multiple coaches. You’ll have access to a resume writer who can give you feedback on your resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. And, you’ll have wellness coaching at your fingertips as well. 

While, certainly, our 1:1 coaching is always holistic, this group program allows us to dial that holistic approach in so that you get exposure to it all.

So: if you want the intimacy and privacy and speed inherent in 1:1 coaching, then 1:1 coaching is probably a better fit for you.

If you want community, if you want to multiply your network, gain exposure to HR professionals, recruiters, and search firms, and if you want access to alllll the experts, then the group program is a better fit.

Why can't I sign up on the website?

We’re carefully curating the membership in this program to ensure that a) you’re a woman, b) you’re at the right point in your career for this program, and c) it’s the best fit for you, personally and professionally. You’ll have a simple conversation with BMEC Founder Susan Baroncini-Moe and together, you’ll assess if this is the right program for you. This strategy also allows us to gather sufficient data from all participants so that we can tailor the content to fully meet your needs.

How much is this program?

The investment is $500 per month for a minimum commitment of six months. Alternatively, you can invest $2500 upfront – this is a savings of $500, which is like paying for five months and getting one free.  

How many people will be in this program?

This program is designed to be fully scalable, so the number of participants is not limited. We will be keeping a close eye on the program and how everything is working. We anticipate continuous improvement along the way. If we need to add more coaching sessions, we will. If we need to create small group cohorts, we’ll do that. 

What if I want to become a 1:1 coaching client while I'm in this program?

You are welcome to flow into an individual coaching package from this program at any time. Your prorated investment will be applied to your individual coaching investment.

Can I stay in the program longer than six months?

You can stay in the program as long as you want! This program is designed to provide you with ongoing coaching and support for as long as you need it. Six months is simply the minimum, because we know how long it takes to get results and we want you to receive maximum benefit from this work.

What if I'm not yet a Director? What if I'm a Senior Director?

This content will apply to you and help you rise in your career whether you’re a Manager or a Senior Director. In fact, frankly, the content in this program will even help folks who are already at the VP level. That’s why we’ve included “and beyond” in the title. We do recommend that you’re at the Manager level, at a minimum, to get maximum benefit from this program.

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