This year, at the beginning of the year (okay, in February), I started a daily gratitude practice. I’ve always had a daily gratitude practice intent, but I have a terrible memory, so even though I would plan to think of three things I was grateful for before I even left the bed in the morning, I would often forget. So this time around I systematized the entire thing, so I would actually remember to do my daily gratitude exercise.

My Daily Gratitude Practice

Every morning at 7:15 AM, I receive an email saying, “It’s time to say what you’re grateful for today! Here’s the link to your journal!” And every day I click my link, go to an online form, and enter in three things I’m grateful for today (more on how to set this up for yourself below).

Sometimes the things I’m grateful for are silly things like, “I’m grateful for my bathrobe for keeping my cozy and warm” or “I’m grateful for the almonds that gave up their lives so I could drink this delicious milk.” Sometimes it’s more significant like, “I’m grateful for the deep and abiding love that my husband and I share.” I’ve expressed gratitude for many, many things over the last year. Good people, good books, good feelings, good moments…but I had to wonder…did it make me a more grateful person?

It’s widely said that if you take a moment each day to think about the things you’re grateful for, you’ll be a happier person. So…am I happier today than I was a year ago?


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