Do you take the time to appreciate big moments? When something amazing happens to you or you achieve a major success, when something unique or special happens, do you pause to appreciate the moment, to take it all in, and to soak it up?

True Confession

I’ve never been great at savoring the moment. Usually, before I’m even done with one goal, I’m already planning the next. After I broke a Guinness World Records title, I sat down with family and friends and celebrated. And in the days that followed, the realization of what I’d been able to put together and accomplish in such a short time started to sink in.But not long ago, I saw something that made me think that maybe, just maybe, I could’ve savored that moment just a little big more.

How I Learned to Appreciate Big Moments

I’m about to show you a video. Let me warn you in advance: this is a video that features President Obama. I don’t care what you think of our President and I don’t care about your politics. This is not about that. So whatever you think about Obama, like him or not, put those feelings aside and watch this video:

This video was taken just after President Obama’s second inauguration, as he’s walking out. He stops, turns around, looks out over the crowd and says, “I want to take a look one more time.” And then he says, “I’m not going to see this again.”

Appreciating the big moment, pausing to experience that moment, to be full present in that moment, that’s what I learned from this video. In fact, when I saw our President do this in real time as I watched the Inauguration, I got goosebumps. And oh, how I learned.

What You Can Learn

When big moments come, pause. Look around you. Take in the sights, the smells, the sounds, the way it all feels. Take a sense-based snapshot of that moment in time. Because that moment is something you won’t see again. Even if you do something amazing and incredible, even if you accomplish something big that’s kind of the same, it will never be the same moment as the one before it. So take the time and appreciate the big moments in their entirety.

You’ll be glad that you did.

How do you celebrate big moments and what are your tips for taking it all in? Post them in the comments!