Delivering value in your business can be a challenge if you’re not sure just what it means to “deliver value.” Well, recently I’ve experienced one of the best examples of all time and I’m excited to share it with you.
Rosetta Stone
I’ve wanted to learn to speak Spanish for years. Ever since I married my Uruguayan hubster, I’ve been dying to get to know my in-laws and be able to sit down and really talk to them. But the language eluded me….at least until I tried Rosetta Stone. And when I did, not only did I learn Spanish, I also learned some awesome lessons about delivering value in business.

Give a ton of bang for your customer’s buck.

I signed up for Rosetta Stone’s online course and paid $299 for a year’s worth of access. I got about $299 of value in the first week! I’m amazed at what’s available to me as a student: clear, methodical, repetitive lessons, twice-a-unit live group sessions with just two or three other students and a tutor (sessions which occasionally turn out to be private tutoring sessions when no other students show up), games, chats with native speakers, stories I can read aloud and get a score on my recording…I literally can’t imagine how someone could avoid learning a language while using Rosetta Stone.

What’s great about delivering a ton of bang for your customer’s buck is that the payback is that you have really happy customers. And really happy customers tell other people about their experiences. Delivering value is a fantastic way to grow a business through word of mouth!

Give your customers an amazing product.

Like I said, I literally can’t see how anyone could not learn a language with Rosetta Stone. I went from completely unable to communicate meaningfully with my in-laws to being able to carry on full conversations in Spanish, all within a month and a half. The quality of the instruction Rosetta Stone delivers is just that good.

Likewise, in your business, never put out a substandard product or anything that you can’t fully stand behind. Instead, give your customers an amazing product that really makes a difference to them, and you’ll reap huge rewards.

When I go into my sessions with Rosetta Stone tutors, I can't help but feel like this guy. They're delivering that much value.

When I go into my sessions with Rosetta Stone tutors, I can’t help but feel like this guy. They’re delivering that much value.

Have support standing by.

The online Rosetta Stone course has some pretty technical components, so it makes sense that they have support standing by. Their support staff is extremely well-versed in all of the potential problems a student might have, and they’re ready to fix it all. They’re just really…well…supportive.

When you offer anything that might require support of any kind, it’s an added value to have support staff ready and able to help your customers. Again, the level and quality of support you deliver goes a long way toward creating word of mouth referrals. Make sure your support staff know your product inside out and like people. Smart hiring can make a world of difference here, that’s for sure.

Deliver unparalleled service.

When I attend a group session with one of my Spanish tutors, I’m happy. The reason? Every single tutor I’ve met with at Rosetta Stone is super-nice and takes the time to answer my questions (asked and answered en Espanol, of course!) and teach me new words. They’re all delightful and I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I like them so much I sometimes wish I could be friends with them (no, wait, I just realized that I’m really embarrassed to tell you that.)

If you deliver unparalleled service, if you create a customer experience that is extraordinarily pleasant, then you make your customers so happy, they practically can’t not tell others about you. Say it with me now: word of mouth referrals grow businesses!

Ask for suggestions for improvement.

After each group tutoring session, Rosetta Stone asks me how I liked my group session. I provide feedback about the technology and about the tutor. After each interaction with support, Rosetta Stone asks me how things went.

For example, ahora, puedo hablar con these people. :D

Por ejemplo, ahora puedo hablar con estas personas in this awesomesauce cafe in Spain. 😀

When you follow up with your customers and ask them how you’re doing and how your staff is doing, you get the best information possible. This research tells you precisely how and where to improve to get the most return for your business.

Also, and incidentally, in case you’re wondering, I’m writing this post from Montevideo, Uruguay, where I haven’t been precisely fluent, but I have really impressed my in-laws with the very fact that I don’t have to mime everything I want to say. It’s very exciting. And now they’re talking about signing up for Rosetta Stone, too, so that while I’m learning Spanish, they’ll be learning English. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what one is.

Have you discovered a great example of delivering value in business recently? Tell me about it in the comments!