Image of a presentation slide titled 'Recession-Proof Your Business: Managing Economic PTSD and Ensuring Your Future' by Susan Baroncini-Moe, Executive Coach. The slide features a white background with a textured wood grain pattern, aimed at addressing the fear small business owners face.

Every business ebbs and flows over time. But if you were in business in the Great Recession, then you probably know what real struggle means. Most businesses that survived the Recession of Dec. 2007-June 2009 had a difficult time keeping the doors open, nevermind remaining profitable. And most business owners were scarred by the experience.

In this 45-minute program, you’ll learn techniques for coping with the lingering anxiety created by the Great Recession, as well as clear management strategies to recession-proof your business for the future. You’ll work on your money mindset, clear away brain junk, and develop the ability to look ahead with positivity and calm.

Workbook located here:

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