you're not sure you need coaching

This woman might think she needs a vacation – not a coach.

A lot of people who consider coaching feel nervous about reaching out to a coach. There are many reasons why you might feel that way, so I’m covering seven reasons why you might be nervous about coaching in a 7-day series of blog posts.

Yesterday I covered Reason #7: Coaching might make you nervous because you don’t really know what coaching is. Today I’m covering Reason #6: “Coaching might make you nervous because you’re not sure you need coaching.”

Reason #6: Coaching might make you nervous because you’re not sure you need coaching.

Okay, I get it. You’re successful. You’re at the peak of your career. What could you possibly need coaching for?

Coaching isn’t always remedial.

Coaching isn’t always an indication that something is wrong. Meaning, many of my clients hire me because they’re doing a lot right.

Sometimes high-performing individuals want help getting even further – whether you know that what got you to this peak isn’t what gets you to the next one, or you’re looking for a deeper life experience. A coach can help you get there.

Instead of presuming that coaching is for people who have something wrong with them, consider that many clients hire coaches to keep them moving forward. Still unsure you need coaching?

And yet, sometimes it is remedial.

Is someone else telling you that you could use coaching? (or are you getting that idea?)

Oftentimes, clients come to coaching very reluctantly, because they’re being forced to be coached, by a Board, for example. These clients can be the most difficult for a coach to work with, because they don’t believe they need coaching. Having achieved so much success without coaching help, they think they’re already where they need to be.

But bad behavior on the part of a C-level executive trickles down. If employees are miserable because of your bad behavior, if retention becomes a problem in your office, it’ll be a problem company-wide, and it’ll cost the company money. You set the tone for the entire corporate culture.

you aren't sure you need coaching

If your nickname is “The Sledgehammer,” you probably need coaching.

Hint: If you’ve ever insulted an employee or said something like, “I would consider their ideas if they would just bring me good ideas,” about your team, you could probably benefit from coaching.

If you are willing to be coachable, a coach can help you to alleviate the cultural challenges your personality may have inadvertently created, and guide you to become a much more effective leader, building relationships and improving retention across the board, saving your company a ton of money in the process.

“Success” doesn’t always mean success.

Okay, you’re at the top of your game. Are you happy? Often we think that the C-suite equals success, but let’s be honest: on your deathbed, you’re probably not going to be talking about the square footage of your office or how many people you impressed with your career. In fact, when we listen to both extremely successful people who are retiring, they’ll tell you that the view from your office isn’t nearly as important as the view as you look into the eyes of your loved ones.

Compare that advice to the regrets of the dying, as reported by a palliative nurse, which include “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard,” “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me,” and “I wish that I had let myself be happier.”

If you’re successful in your career, yet still think something might be missing, you just might need some coaching to find the missing pieces.

People often feel nervous about coaching because they’re just not sure that they need coaching, and they’re being pressured to hire a coach. But even if you’re not sure you need coaching, if you’re being asked to meet with a coach, go into the conversation with an open mind. It’s tempting to react with anger or resentment, but if you give it a chance, coaching can me a huge difference in your life.

Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at Reason #5 Why Coaching Might Make You Nervous: You’ve Had Coaching Before, and It Was A Disaster.