After writing my recent post about how people do networking so, so, so terribly badly, I realized that for the last year, I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of one project after another. First it was the “Break a Record with Susan” event. And granted, because of that event, I broke a Guinness World Records® title, which was awesome. But then it was my book, Business in Blue Jeans, which is coming out a month from Networkingnow, on May 15. Also, a very cool thing to focus on. And ever since I finished the book and sent the manuscript off to my publisher, it’s been webinars and trainings for clients, speaking engagements, prepping for the book launch…and ultimately, the truth is, I just realized that I’ve been neglecting my own networking!

It’s not that I haven’t networked at all in the last year, but rather that I just haven’t made a point of it. I just haven’t gone out of my way to actively meet new people and expand my circle with intent.

What Happens When You Neglect Networking?

When you neglect networking, even if you’re still marketing and advertising your business, you miss a huge opportunity to connect—really connect—with other human beings. And ultimately, if you don’t pay attention to it and notice it, it can have repercussions on your business (luckily, that did not happen to me, but I have no doubt that it might’ve if I hadn’t realized it soon enough!)

You need a tribe. And if you’re not approaching the building and growth of your tribe with intent, then your tribe will become stagnant or worse, eventually, shrink.

How Do You Solve the Problem?

You solve the problem by getting back to networking. Personally, I recommend that you read Bob Burg’s classic, Endless Referrals, and the book he co-authored with John David Mann, The Go-Giver, before you ever head out into the world of networking. You’ll have a better sense of how to do networking the right way and your efforts at networking will be much more rewarding.

How Do You Solve the Problem…if You’re Me?

If you’re me and you tend to think of things in big and unusual ways, then you come  up with a big and unusual plan (although I confess, this isn’t an entirely original idea)


I will literally be sipping mate that looks exactly like this whilst conversing with you on the phone. But I promise not to make any weird sipping sounds, if that helps.

I’ll admit, even as productive as I am, there’s not a ton of spare time in my schedule, especially with a book launch coming up. But darn it, this is important, so I’m making the time to get back to networking. Still, I have to do this my way:

  1. Time is of the essence, so I’m going virtual: it’s all phone-based.
  2. Coffee’s not my thing, so this is going to be all about the yerba mate (because a) I’ve acquired the taste and like it better, b) it’s the social beverage of choice in my husband’s home country of Uruguay, and c) Guayaki, kindly supplies me with an ever-flowing supply of my favorite beverage). You can drink whatever you want—coffee, tea, water, whiskey. I’ll be sipping yerba from a gourd (see right). 

The Plan:

So there it is: I’m going to have 30 virtual cups of yerba mate with 30 people in 30 days. No agenda, just you and me being real and getting to know each other on the phone.

You, yes YOU, I want to have a cup of virtual yerba mate with YOU!

Hey, you! Yes, YOU! I want to have a cup of virtual yerba mate with YOU!

Want in?  I’d love to “meet” you and have a chat. Maybe we haven’t talked in awhile or we’ve never talked at all. Doesn’t matter. Let’s talk now. All you have to do is click below to schedule a chat in my calendar  one day in advance and when the time comes, I’ll call you (be a little patient with the booking engine- it takes a second to load).

Join Me for a Virtual Cup of Yerba Mate!

And if you’re up for doing a challenge like this of your own, write your own blog post about it and link to it in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing about your challenges and sharing the results of mine over the next 30 days!