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Sometimes people are nervous about executive coaching. “What will we talk about?” they wonder. Our coaching is unique, in that we offer a hybrid, holistic approach to developing executives and leaders.

Our coaching is coaching, consulting, advising, mentoring, and training, all in one, and when we help you grow in one part of your life, you’ll grow in other areas as well. As many of our clients have seen growth at work, they’ve reported seeing improvements in their personal lives and relationships, too. There’s just something about the momentum inherent in the work that we do together.

The subject of coaching conversations varies from session to session and client to client. Sometimes we focus on scenarios you’re currently facing. A client will tell me about something at work – a challenging direct report, a fraught project, or a tricky boss, for example. I listen and ask questions. Some of these questions are information-gathering. Some are perspective-shifting.

Then, we work through options, ideas, and solutions. Sometimes you might need to work on improving a particular skill, and in that case, I might ask how not having that skill well-developed impacts you and your work. I might talk with you about best practices, offering strategies and techniques that you can try. When I’m working with a client who needs to develop a leadership skill, we may discuss that skill, talk through scenarios and situations, and then I’m likely to suggest some “homework,” in the form of thought experiments and “try this and see what happens.”

Obviously, every client is unique and the context and subject matter differs. I hope, though, that this has given you at least some idea of what coaching sessions are like. Got more questions? Ask and I’ll answer in future posts!

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