How Your Team Functions Will Determine Your Results

Team dynamics impact business results. If your team is bickering, complaining, and sabotaging each other (and you), your results will suffer. Toxic teams have the power to bring a successful business (or department) to its knees. 

Toxicity (or even just underperformance) can stem from a variety of directions. Sometimes lacking process and structure can lead to problems. Sometimes it’s the wrong team – the individual performers might be great, but the team makeup is all wrong. And sometimes, it’s one poisoned apple that’s spoiling the bunch. A problematic team doesn’t just create performance problems in terms of business metrics. It also creates retention and morale problems, which is, ultimately, a self-feeding dilemma.

We’ll help you root out the cause using research-backed assessments, and then help you apply the solutions to help your team get back to healthy functioning and performance.

How We Can Help

A group of hikers, equipped with backpacks, ascends a rocky mountain peak under a cloudy sky. The hikers are spaced out along the jagged terrain, climbing towards the summit. The scene exudes a sense of adventure and determination, resembling a journey in leadership development.You Want Your Team  on the Same Page

We’ll help you assess your team and then help you optimize where improvements are needed.

We offer a number of assessments and coaching programs to facilitate the development of healthy organizational cultures.

We can even help you begin the process of replacing a valued team member by calibrating their precise personality and working style so that you can predict how top applicants will perform in comparison.

Our goal is to help your leadership team evolve into world-class leaders and visionaries who are operating from the same, shared set of values and goals and compatible approaches to leadership.

Learn More About Executive Coaching

Portrait of an upset businessman at desk in office. Businessman being depressed by working in office. Young stressed business man feeling strain in eyes after working for long hours on computer. When your team is behaving badly

We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organizational culture (or, just start with that single, “problem child” team), giving you a clear picture of where challenges exist. We’ll make recommendations and then work with your team to resolve differences and create solutions so that they can work together in harmony and become productive members of your organization.

Four people in a modern office setting having a discussion on leadership development. One person stands by a whiteboard with sticky notes and diagrams, presenting. The others sit on a couch with laptops open, attentively listening. A brick wall and large windows are in the background.When your team isn’t delivering exceptionally well.

If you have a team that’s under-performing and you’re not sure why, we’ll diagnose the exact problem and get it running smoothly and productively with the Team Cohesion Inventory and executive coaching.

A group of four people engaged in a discussion around a conference table, each with a laptop in front. One person gestures while others attentively listen. The room, illuminated by large windows and adorned with a plant, sets the perfect backdrop for valuable leadership development.Do you have the right team in place?

Do you have the right people on your team? If you’re building a new team, who do you need? We work with the TeamPrint® assessment to map your team so that you can tell who you have and who you need for optimal performance.


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