Move Beyond Toxic Organizational Cultures, Retain Exceptional Team Members, and Create Something Extraordinary

Your Organizational Culture Is Everything.

There is perhaps nothing more important in today’s business lexicon than organizational culture. Culture has a direct and clear impact on product quality and viability, customer service quality, employee engagement, morale, productivity, and motivation. Culture is at the heart of everything you do as an organization and has “real world dollar” implications.

While there are certainly best practices for creating healthy teams and organizations, each organization is unique and has its own cultural “fingerprint.” That’s why we use thoroughly-researched and validated assessments for a data-driven approach to assess the existing culture and tell us where your organization has its greatest challenges, so that we can design appropriate executive coaching interventions that will move your organization forward.


Turnover rate with poor organizational culture


Percent by which companies with happy employees outperform competition

Billion Dollars Each Year (how much unhappy employees cost organizations)


How much more productive happy employees are than unhappy ones

If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people look forward to coming to work in the morning.”

–John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

How We Impact Organizational Change

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Leadership Team Culture

The buck stops here

In concert with our executive coaching services, we offer the Leadership Circle 360, an integrated lens into a leader’s performance, offering immediate opportunities for leadership development.

Through our innovative, year-long leadership team development program, we facilitate organization-wide change by guiding your entire leadership team to evolve into world-class leaders and visionaries who are operating from the same, shared set of values and goals and compatible approaches to leadership.

We can even help you begin the process of replacing a valued team member by calibrating their precise personality and working style so that you can predict how top applicants will perform in comparison.

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Team Composition

Do you have the right team?

Do you have the right people on your team? If you’re building a new team, who do you need? We work with the TeamPrint® assessment to map your team so that you can tell who you have and who you need for optimal performance.

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Toxic Culture Makeover

When your team is behaving badly

We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organizational culture (or, just start with that single, “problem child” team), giving you a clear picture of where challenges exist. We’ll make recommendations and then work with your team to resolve differences and create solutions so that they can work together in harmony and become productive members of your organization.

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Under-Performing teams

When your team isn’t delivering exceptionally well

If you have a team that’s under-performing and you’re not sure why, we’ll diagnose the exact problem and get it running smoothly and productively with the Team Cohesion Inventory and coaching.

Action Steps

Our Process

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Step 1

We begin with an in-depth consultation with leadership. What do you think is going on? What do you perceive as the true challenges that you’re facing? We gather as much qualitative infomation from you as we can.

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Step 2

We select the most appropriate, data-backed instruments to uncover the true root of challenge and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization or department.

The image is a green light bulb symbol against a transparent background, centered within a rounded square, representing success in executive coaching and development as a leader.

Design & Apply Solutions

Step 3

We analyze assessment findings, then design a solution to solve your unique challenges. Then we apply the solution, adjusting course as needed.

Finally, we conduct a follow-up assessment to measure our results.


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