Your Career Success Isn’t Just About Doing Your Job

Most people believe that all they have to do to move forward in their careers is to do their job well. But that’s only part of the equation. Career success today is built on something we call “The In-Between the Lines Game.” This secret game is being played all the time in the workplace, even though it’s rarely discussed, and it encompasses a whole world of skills and strategies that help some people get ahead, while others (some of whom excel at their jobs) lag behind.

Anyone can learn this game! We’ve taught many executives how to play this game and improve their career trajectories, and we can teach you, too, even if you’re an introvert.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

~ Lao Tzu

Improve Your Career Trajectory

A person wearing a black long-sleeve shirt holds a white mug with If you’ve been struggling to make the next leap forward

We can help you learn how to build your executive presence and make your achievements known to the right people so that you’re lined up for promotion. We’ll show you exactly how to go from this level to the next. We specialize in the move from Director to Vice President, but have helped clients at all executive levels to make big career moves.

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A man standing on a gravel path holds an old book and a brown leather satchel. He is dressed in a grey blazer, white shirt, blue jeans, and a black belt. The background features a blurry green and yellow landscape, symbolizing his journey in leadership development.If you’re ready to migrate to another organization

We’ll help you identify the best potential candidates and bypass the traditional, reactive job market to find “hidden” positions and the perfect cultural fit. We’ll teach you the secrets of successful interviewing and prepare you, so that when you land that job, you’re positioned for promotion, even before you start!

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Susan is truly wonderful at what she does and how she applies her craft. When I initially set out to find an Executive Coach, I had a rough idea of what questions to ask during each consultation. What I did not know is what type of coach I truly needed. I instantly knew Susan is what I needed by the end of our initial conversation and to this day, she continuously amazes me with her dedication and passion towards coaching me on my journey.

Through the intake and assessment tools, she accurately identified my ‘areas’ in need of enhancement and mapped out a solid plan to leverage my strengths to counter those areas. I honestly don’t know if I could have successfully transitioned through (and out of) all the changes and challenges I encountered (both professionally and personally) over the past 18 months without her constant encouragement and passionate coaching.

– Tara Harris, SPHR, SWP / Associate Director, People, HelloFresh

Susan helped me as I transitioned into a leadership role in a new company. There are many things I appreciate about her, one of which is getting to know me as a person and customizing her advice and suggestions based on me, my needs, and the specific situations I was in.

She is a wonderful coach who empowers you to do what you were meant to do! She’s practical but pushes you to do the right thing for your role and career trajectory.

– Sarah Corson / Head of HR at Cordell Practice Management Group

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to reach the next level in my career and increase my executive presence. I worked with her for nearly a year, and Susan helped me identify methods for navigating interpersonal dynamics and bringing intentionality to relationship building within my professional relationships.

As a result of our work together, I achieved my goals and got the promotion I wanted. Equally importantly, I learned skills that will help me manage what I think a successful career will look like in the years to come. Susan has a formidable background that allows her to be exceptionally effective in coaching. Susan’s approach is non-threatening and compassionate, and she provides very focused support toward her client’s goals. She combines her experience, intuition, and knowledge to provide guidance appropriate for each unique set of circumstances. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an executive coach.

– Michael Hagemann, Vice President, Solution Architecture, Knowable

I decided to work with Susan because I was at a pivotal point my career, getting ready to interview for a promotion to the next level of my organization. Susan helped me to identify my unique value proposition with my team and as a leader. We also took things a step further than my interview and really dove into where that value would translate into future contributions to my organization.

As a result of working with Susan, I received the promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. More importantly, I seamlessly overcame several hurdles that could have derailed my progress.

– Suzanne Cesler, MBA / North American Regional Leader, Amazon

I decided to work with Susan because I didn’t have a career trajectory. I was trying to do many smaller jobs to use all my different skills and feel satisfied (and never really felt satisfied). I didn’t even know if a career existed that fit me!

Susan helped me to identify my strengths, my passions, and a great career path to pursue. As a result of working with Susan, I have enrolled in a graduate program for certification in my new career path, learned how to network, and discovered important things about myself—both strengths I hadn’t embraced and negative traits that have been holding me back.

Susan really worked to see ME. She wasn’t content to just touch on superficial aspects of my life and career. She uncovered my strengths and the barriers to success I’d put up. I feel more confident and more capable than I ever have, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

– Rachel Snyder / Instructional Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Susan for several months and she was incredibly helpful in helping me find my own path. I was at a career crossroads and chose to work with Susan after our initial conversations due to her personal touch and patience. She has an extraordinary talent in stripping away the “fluff” and “mind-clutter” to allow for clear insights on barriers and talents. She has a way of asking just the right question at just the right time, and is a gifted active listener who routinely challenged me on key insights that I initially thought were insignificant, but turned out to be pivotal. As a result of the work I completed with Susan, I changed directions on my career search, re-kindled forgotten interests and passions, ultimately landed a new position with a better salary, and moved to a career path with growth potential for the future. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to better themselves, develop/improve leadership abilities, change career paths, to find clarity and direction.

Michael Beer / Transformation Leader in Operations Management and People Development

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