We Trust the Data.

Getting top results. Building a healthy organizational culture. Retaining top talent in a highly competitive marketplace. The list is what your organization wants to achieve is long, and it can seem insurmountable. That’s where the data comes in.

We work with several assessments to help our clients achieve business metrics goals. But not just any assessments. We’ve searched the landscape of assessments and have chosen instruments that are backed by thorough research and rigorous, lengthy testing.

Assessments We Use in Our Work

Leadership Circle Profile

The best 360 on the marketplace today

The Leadership Circle Profile (L CP) puts leaders in touch with what’s working, what’s not working, and why, and offers deep and powerful insights that can help guide developmental work.

Specific dimensions on the profile are associated with performance-based outcomes like sales and revenue growth, profitability, market share, quality of products and services, new product development, and overall performance. In helping a leader to grow, we can help the organization to grow.

Ideal for:

  • any organization that wants to develop its leadership team and receive a return on investment through performance-based outcomes.
  • any leader who wants to grow as a leader.
  • any organization that wants to see improvements in business outcomes.


Building new teams

TeamPrint is a world-class behavioral assessment tool built to analyze role fit and create high-performing teams. If you want to know if you have the right people on your team, TeamPrint gives you consulting-level data and actionable results instantly.

Ideal for:

  • building new teams, whether from within an organization or for a startup.
  • assessing whether you have the right makeup of individuals on a team for peak performance, productivity, and business outcomes.
  • determining exactly what strengths are lacking on your existing team, so you can make smart hiring decisions.
  • improving existing teams by ensuring they’re the right mix of personalities for performance.

nSight Success 2.0 Assessment
of Personality and Aptitude

Culture fit and hiring

The nSight was developed as a tool for supporting organizations in talent management, professional development, and personal growth. The nSight measures work-related and interpersonal characteristics.

Ideal for:

  • providing a shared foundation for executive coaching and leadership development.
  • talent selection – use the nSight to map current employees’ personalities and aptitudes, allowing you to make much more informed decisions as you hire replacements down the road.

Multi-Factor Assessment of Civility

Root out the cause of toxic teams

The Multifactor Assessment of CivilityTM (MAC) assesses workplace civility perceptions among functional workgroups or work teams, particularly in cases where teams are experiencing high amounts of friction or tension.

Ideal for:

  • teams where you’re seeing friction, low productivity, and high turnover.
  • toxic work cultures, environments, or teams.
  • teams that have merged from different organizations or departments.

Team Cohesion Inventory

Maximize existing team performance

The Team Cohesion Inventory (TCI) measures how people feel about their team members and their own role in the team. The TCI provides immediate guidance regarding where you’ll see the highest return on investment with your team.

Ideal for:

  • “taking the temperature” of a new or existing team to see how things are going and where you might invest to see improvements in productivity, performance, and morale.
  • existing, under-performing teams.

Our Proprietary Leadership Skills Assessment

Assess leadership skillsets to find the gaps

If your team is lacking in specific skillsets, we’ll find out exactly where the gaps lie so that we can help your leaders develop the necessary skills. We conduct this assessment at the outset of coaching interventions and at strategic points, including completion, to measure success.

Ideal for:

  • assessing the skills of existing, under-performing leaders.
  • assessing the skills of emerging leaders to determine where they need to grow.
  • providing baseline and growth measurement at the outset and at strategic points during coaching.


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