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Have you ever gotten started on something and thought, “I can’t do this,” and given up? Maybe it was a small part of a project or a particular phase and you just felt stuck and stopped before you really got started.

Many years ago, I started a project that I was really excited about. I had it all planned out. But…when I sat down to start actually implementing my plan, I realized I lacked some of the technical expertise required to complete the project. I could have given up. What I couldn’t do could easily have derailed everything. Instead, I paused and asked myself, “If I don’t have this expertise, and the expertise is needed to make this project happen, then what do I do?” I could have learned to do what was necessary but that would have taken more time than I had for this project. I could have given up the project, but it was important to me. I hired someone who had the technical skills I lacked and the project moved forward.

Sometimes we stop ourselves before we even start because we think things are too hard, too complicated, or too challenging. The reality is that few people possess all the skills needed to do everything they want to do. And far too often, people give up on dreams, ambitions, or ideas because they think, “I can’t,” and aren’t looking for the resources around them. It’s not always as simple as hiring someone to help fill the areas where you lack skills, but it’s often a much more simple fix than you’d think. When you get to a point in any endeavor where you feel, “I can’t do this,” take some time to get back into a resourceful state of mind so you can look around you and find the needed talent. You’ll be grateful for the help and you won’t have to give up your plans.

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