Susan is truly wonderful at what she does and how she applies her craft. When I initially set out to find an Executive Coach, I had a rough idea of what questions to ask during each consultation. What I did not know is what type of coach I truly needed. I instantly knew Susan is what I needed by the end of our initial conversation and to this day, she continuously amazes me with her dedication and passion towards coaching me on my journey.

Through the intake and assessment tools, she accurately identified my ‘areas’ in need of enhancement and mapped out a solid plan to leverage my strengths to counter those areas. I honestly don’t know if I could have successfully transitioned through (and out of) all the changes and challenges I encountered (both professionally and personally) over the past 18 months without her constant encouragement and passionate coaching.

– Tara Harris, SPHR, SWP, Associate Director, People, HelloFresh

Susan helped me as I transitioned into a leadership role in a new company. There are many things I appreciate about her, one of which is getting to know me as a person and customizing her advice and suggestions based on me, my needs, and the specific situations I was in.

She is a wonderful coach who empowers you to do what you were meant to do! She’s practical but pushes you to do the right thing for your role and career trajectory.

– Sarah Corson, Head of HR at Cordell Practice Management Group

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to reach the next level in my career and increase my executive presence. I worked with her for nearly a year, and Susan helped me identify methods for navigating interpersonal dynamics and bringing intentionality to relationship building within my professional relationships.

As a result of our work together, I achieved my goals and got the promotion I wanted. Equally importantly, I learned skills that will help me manage what I think a successful career will look like in the years to come. Susan has a formidable background that allows her to be exceptionally effective in coaching. Susan’s approach is non-threatening and compassionate, and she provides very focused support toward her client’s goals. She combines her experience, intuition, and knowledge to provide guidance appropriate for each unique set of circumstances. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an executive coach.

– Michael Hagemann, Vice President, Solution Architecture, Knowable

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to improve my executive skill set so that I could continue to achieve my goals. Since working with Susan I have been elected to a Board of Trustees of a large educational foundation, which was one of my goals.

Susan helped me to identify that I am too trusting and need to withhold some trust for others to earn rather than just give it to them. I like to think of it as “trust but verify” as a way to have someone earn more of my trust.

As a result of working with Susan, I have resolved one of the underlying issues I had dealing with subordinates employees who do not align with my values. I now recognize those individuals and so I am more careful to not respond emotionally. She has caused me to stop, think, and then speak so that I do not respond inappropriately or emotionally.

I felt very comfortable opening up to Susan from the beginning of our time working together. She took my responses and either agreed, expounded, or corrected my perspective all without being condescending or demeaning. Even when she was pointing out how misdirected my perspective might be, I never felt threatened.

– Jack E. Lechner, Jr., CFSP, CT, President and CEO, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Sciences

I decided to work with Susan because I was at a pivotal point my career, getting ready to interview for a promotion to the next level of my organization. Susan helped me to identify my unique value proposition with my team and as a leader. We also took things a step further than my interview and really dove into where that value would translate into future contributions to my organization.

As a result of working with Susan, I received the promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. More importantly, I seamlessly overcame several hurdles that could have derailed my progress.

– Suzanne Cesler, MBA, North American Regional Leader, Amazon

Susan has been my coach for over a year and I can’t say enough positive things about her or about the experience. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone and improve my leadership skills in a myriad of ways.

I love that she helps me discover things about myself – both my strengths and areas of growth. Every coaching session with her comes with lots of “aha” moments and I always come out with very specific ideas of how I can do better, how I can improve my skills and how I can grow as a person and as a CEO.

I love the fact that she really listens and often hears beyond the words, many times having insights on things that I didn’t even realize.

She’s tough – you can’t fool her, or lie to yourself or her during your sessions – but you always feel encouraged and supported.

I truly cherish and rely on my hour coaching session with Susan – and also know she’s there for me if ever I need help, advice or someone to listen and help me figure out my next move. Coaching with her has truly been one of the best investments I or my organization has made.

There is no one I would more highly recommend if you want to get to the next level of your leadership and to really accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I am truly a huge fan of Susan’s and appreciate what an amazing person and coach she is.

– Anne Miskey, Executive Director, Downtown Women’s Center

I decided to work with Susan because I didn’t have a career trajectory. I was trying to do many smaller jobs to use all my different skills and feel satisfied (and never really felt satisfied). I didn’t even know if a career existed that fit me!

Susan helped me to identify my strengths, my passions, and a great career path to pursue. As a result of working with Susan, I have enrolled in a graduate program for certification in my new career path, learned how to network, and discovered important things about myself—both strengths I hadn’t embraced and negative traits that have been holding me back.

Susan really worked to see ME. She wasn’t content to just touch on superficial aspects of my life and career. She uncovered my strengths and the barriers to success I’d put up. I feel more confident and more capable than I ever have, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

– Rachel Snyder, Instructional Designer

After having my own consulting practice for 20+ years, I became an employee at one of my clients. This should be easy! So why was I struggling in this new role? Susan was recommended to me and what a fantastic opportunity this has been!

I’ll admit, working with Susan is hard work, she holds you accountable and really pushes you to take a deep look inside yourself – who you are, how you got there, and what makes you the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

I’ve left my employee position and am headed back to consulting. This is right where I want to be, where I need to be, and with a much clearer vision for myself and my practice! Thank you Susan; it’s been a long journey and I would never have gotten here without you!

– Marilyn Payne, Nonprofit Financial Consultant

I had but a brief experience of executive coaching with Susan, just one month due to our particular arrangement. 4 sessions, 5 five hours total. After just 2 hours together, Susan had deftly identified the crucial things that were standing in the path between where I was and where I wanted to go – blocks even I had never realized before. A year later, I can attest to the phenomenal results she was able to coach me to attain. Susan has a remarkable ability to dig very deep, very quickly, uncover hidden obstacles and how to overcome them, and to both inspire and empower you to take the actions needed to achieve your goals. It is an intense, rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to take it ALL to the next level.

– Monica Swinney, Ph.D., Chief Engineer, Drug Delivery & Devices R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

34d5034I decided to work with Susan because I really needed to find a “peer” as a business owner…someone I could talk to about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business. Susan helped me to identify the things I am good at and the things I need to work on. As a result of working with Susan, I have learned to take risks, feel more confident and understand that I know more than I thought I knew!

I highly recommend Susan because she is kind, experienced, dedicated, a real person, and completely genuine in every possible way.

Susan is truly the most amazing person. She herself is business owner and understands what it means to do the hard work of managing, leading and growing a small business. My work with her in 2014 was the most important thing I have ever done to make my business sustainable.

– Shelli Herman, Shelli Herman Search

BurgSusan has really become one of the leaders in today’s personal development field. Along with that, she is also a terrific podcast host. Susan is not only a fantastic human being and entrepreneur, but a person who adds significant value to the lives of everyone she touches.

– Bob Burg, Bestselling Author & Convention Speaker,
Founder, Certified Go-Giver Coaching Program

XiongI had the complete honor and pleasure of working with Susan Baroncini-Moe in 2013. The work Susan and I did together taught me to trust and believe in my self and in my ability to make a positive difference in the world. She is a tough coach, which I needed, yet also very compassionate. I highly recommend her coaching and consulting services to anyone wanting an expert resource with high value and great results who can help them take their business to the next level.

– Berni Xiong

GerbyshakSusan Baroncini-Moe is a fantastic strategist and coach. Many times I have called upon Susan to ask for her expert advice, to bounce an idea off of, or just to make sure I am doing the right thing. Her insights and advice is spot on, as she is the small business expert.

I’ve also confided a lot of private business information in her, and I trust her explicitly to keep it to herself, to give me the truth, and to be creative in thinking about things in a new ways. She never lets me down.

My business is better because I know Susan, and yours will be too, if you hire her and work what she tells you to work. If you just want fluffy clouds and unicorns, please do NOT hire Susan. That isn’t her style, and that’s no way to run a business.

– Phil Gerbyshak

Plotnick“I recently started working with Susan, and she has quickly become more to me than just a business coach. She is more of a luminary, helping me to envision and plan all that is possible in my career.

To get quick results, Susan combines compassion, intuition and effective counseling skills with razor-sharp business acumen and enthusiasm for what she does. In just three short months with Susan’s help, I have taken real steps that are positively impacting my work, life and relationships. If you are “stuck” professionally, Susan will work to uncover hidden fears, beliefs, and imaginary obstacles that may be the only thing standing between you and your ultimate success.

Unlike some coaches who just sell hope, Susan’s pragmatic approach will help you to achieve tangible improvements in how you see yourself and your work. If you hire Susan, be prepared to be challenged and inspired to work towards all that you dare to dream. Take action and hire Susan…you will be glad you did!”

– Brande Plotnick, CEO, Tomato Envy

JohnsonSusan is a great business coach. She helped me get my business off to a great start as I transitioned from an educator to an entrepreneur. She is very knowledgeable about self-employment, tools and strategies to generate clients. As a start-up company, Susan helped me to focus on the products and services I provide and how to manage clients in this new career. I would recommend Susan as an excellent business coach.

– Genola Johnson, Ed

ReimerSusan is someone I’m thrilled to have on my side. Her marketing and communication consulting helped me so much as I was working through some major business challenges. And here’s another thing I like: she smiles through the phone. If you’re going to hire someone, make sure they’re good, but especially make sure they’re fun to work with. Get with Susan!

– Chris Reimer

SmithWhen I hired Susan I was looking for someone to help me get to the next level and she absolutely delivered. She coached me through my first book, my first live events, filling my coaching calendar and my first big paid speaking gig. Susan instinctively knows when I need the big picture, to dial in on specifics or to take better care of myself. It’s a joy working with her and the results have been amazing.

– Emily Chase Smith

fletcherSusan really knows her stuff! She’s smart, funny and very knowledgeable about branding and marketing. She really helped me shape my vision into a business that I loved. I would highly recommend her to other business professionals. Since I’ve worked with her she’s gone on to do many great things that include setting a Guinness World Record and writing a book.

– Christina Fletcher

nateSusan wrote the book on small business success. If you want to know what Susan knows about knows about professionalism, quality, persistence, marketing and sales, read her book, Business in Blue Jeans. When you meet her, you’ll find her to be sweet, smart, humble, well-connected and hard-working.

– Nathan Martin, President of Nori Media Group

Susan Baroncini-Moe is a true marketing and business strategy pro!

It has been my great pleasure to work with Susan on the restructuring of our business and brand. This process was no small task and Susan was there every step of the way offering guidance and solutions that worked. Susan consistently offered creative insight followed up with professional strategy and implementation that assisted us in achieving our goals. I am very thankful that we chose Susan as a business partner and would highly recommend her services to other individuals and organizations. 

– David Wildasin, Publisher, Sound Wisdom

SukenickSusan is by far is one of the most focused business consultants for business that’s out there. A true professional in her chosen profession. Knowledgeable & focused and skillful are just a few words to describe her.

A must discussion for anyone interested in moving forward in business.

– Ron Sukenick

HunterSusan has been crucially helpful in my brand and my business. I tell everyone I know to utilize this fabulous woman’s talents! In the past year and half of my business, every time I have listened to what Susan has business, my business has thrived because of it. Every time I thought I knew better than her, I suffered for it 🙂 She is a fabulous mentor, a great person to connect with and no matter what you call it, she is worth listening to! Coach, teacher, mentor you name it, this lady is the best!

– Trisha Trixie Hunter

MatthewsSusan Baroncini-Moe is an incredible business coach. I love to trade ideas with her. She’s a cup of pure awesome. in fact, recently…she helped me to see a blind spot in my business that has made a huge difference! It helped me to see a new opportunity that I’d been missing. If you’re a small business…wanting to make a bigger impact… I highly recommend working with Susan!

– Mitch Matthews, Co-founder at The Matthews Group, Inc.

I have long worked with business coaches and mentors from all walks of life but found that I really needed a coach who had real working knowledge of business building on the web. As a business owner who works 100 percent virtually (Web Development, Virtual Assistance, Online Business Management, Social Media Marketing), I found myself wearing too many hats simultaneously. Frankly, I was approaching burnout. 

Susan was able to help me get and stay focused on the most effective actions to take to ensure that I was doing the work that only I should do, while my team was doing the work that they were trained to do.

Susan is an excellent accountability partner. She will cheer successes with you, all the while staying focused on your business growth. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who is truly committed to growing their business.

– Denise Griffitts

ColmanI had a conversation with Susan and she was able to cut to the chase and help me make a small change to the name of my business that has helped me enormously in explaining what I do. She has great insight. I look forward to working with her in the future.

– Carol Colman

GillinSusan is a boundless source of creative promotional ideas. She was a great help to me when I was promoting my latest book.

–  Paul Gillin, Paul Gillin Communications

sodhaReally great to speak with Susan for the last 30 minutes about an audacious idea for a new online venture. Loads of new ideas now!

– Suraj Sodha

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.12.52 AM“Working with Susan has been amazing. Starting a business is a lot more complicated than I thought, and I was on the verge of giving up. I almost passed on working with Susan because money was tight, but I took a chance and said to myself, “I’ve got to do something!”. I’m so glad I did.

For the first time I feel a fog has lifted and I understand where I’m going and what needs to be done to get there. Susan is a great listener, and was able to help me build very practical and sustainable systems to achieve my short and long-term goals, including creating a marketing process tailored to my dream clients. She emphasized my strengths and supportively coached me to see and work through any weak spots.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic ally in my business and am so excited to see it finally growing.”

– Krista Fuentes

heeter“Susan has been a fantastic mentor and a professional. In 90 days, she was able to help me take my idea and turn it into a brand with products and services in the pipeline.  She guided me every step of the way –  keeping my goals in mind and on target.  She helped me see a bigger picture and developed a long-term plan for me toimplement the ideas we discussed.  Each of our sessions was recorded which will prove to be invaluable for me in the future – I’ll always be able to go back and extract those nuggets of excellent business advice that she shared along the way!”

 Kris Heeter

 Robert Wimer“Susan has a very different approach, which I find refreshing.  Her tactics towards her business are top notch, but it’s her honest and personal touches that she incorporates into her consulting that sets her into the coveted 1 percent above the rest.

If you want to get serious with your business, then it’s time to put on your own pair of blue jeans, step up and stand out with Susan’s help.”

– Robert Wimer

baron“I love my job! But what I didn’t love was spinning my wheels to make my business a success. I called Susan Baroncini-Moe and asked for her expertise. Right away she had ideas and concrete solutions to my specific needs and goals.

Susan saved me time and money because she has done the research for every aspect of what a small business needs to run smoothly. I have sung her praises to every small business owner I know. Susan makes seemingly daunting tasks very doable. If you want to have your own successful small business, do yourself a huge favor and hire Susan. You’ll be glad you did!”

– Jenn Baron

Ali Davidson“When my partner and I came to Susan we thought we already had a plan and look for our business. Boy, were we surprised. Working with Susan opened our eyes to all the areas we were deficient and with her help we redefined ourselves, our business and our dreams. Susan is patient, innovative, and persistent. She taught us to focus on what mattered, let go of what didn’t serve us, and go deeper than we thought we could. As a result, we now have a clear direction for our business. She’s the best!”

– Ali Davidson

April Perkins“I came to Susan with a concept for my company and no clue where to begin. She didn’t mind holding my hand and walking me through every step as we built upon my dream. She came with a clear and precise plan of action that shot my company into overdrive.
From the moment I launched my company everything has just fallen into place. In fact, by following her method, not only has it been a whirlwind of profitability but I was interviewed by the local media just a week into my launch. I don’t know anyone else like Susan.”

– April Perkins

Michelle Barry Franco“Seriously, get ready! First of all, Susan is whip-smart. She is direct, to the point, and supremely generous with her mindshare.

Branding isn’t easy – and rebranding is even more emotional and tricky, in my experience. Yet Susan keeps showing up and dealing with the emotional part as well as the technical part.

I have a new business name, brand and logo I LOVE. I am indescribably energized about my business, and early feedback about my new brand is overwhelmingly fabulous. I’ll be back very soon to report what I know will be a huge shift in my business as a result of this rebrand with Susan and Business in Blue Jeans.” 

 – Michelle Barry Franco

Keiko Yamamoto“I launched my business in February, 2009. My competition was more successful than I was, although I have more knowledge about what I do. I was cheapest in the business and I could offer better service. And my website wasn’t attracting many clients, even though I had traffic. 
Susan is easy to talk to, and her friendly approach to her clients is great even though we have never met! I am based in London UK. But I feel it when I just communicate with her on the phone. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about what she is doing.

When the branding sessions started, it was quite hard but it was great, her homework made me think what I wanted to offer and sell, and made me dig hard. She offered me new business strategies, too, where I could find more clients. I rebranded my business with help from Susan- quite unique! Thank you, Susan!” 

-Keiko Yamamoto

Kirk Wilkerson“Susan is the best at what she does. She took the time to listen and really understand my needs and helped me discover areas to work on that would have the biggest impact without breaking the bank. Susan is always pleasant, professional and responsive.

I never once felt that Susan was doing this just for the money – she was sincerely interested in my success and how she could make that happen. It was a pleasure working with Susan and I highly recommend her and Business in Blue Jeans to anyone.”

– Kirk Wilkinson

 “In a very short period, Susan had a clear idea of what was important. I place real value on people who are really paying attention. And Susan pays attention. She’s a keeper.”

– Claudia Cunningham

pritchett“Susan is not typical of the purveyors of coaching services that we all trip over on the internet. She doesn’t shout loud and long about her talents and abilities – she doesn’t need to – they speak for themselves…

Susan has a wealth of offline and online business knowledge and experience. She is someone I would be proud to recommend to any of my colleagues, business associates, former MBA students. She is top class.” 

– Gillian Pritchett