‘Whether you want to develop as a leader, figure out a career change, move to the next level up, executive coaching can help you take the next steps forward….even if you’re not sure what they are.

Our mission is to help make the world a better place by helping you have a greater impact – to help you self-actualize more fully and completely, so you can be a much more dynamic, effective, purpose-driven leader.

“One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end
and look back in regret, knowing that
you could have been, done, and had so much more.”

– Robin Sharma


We focus our coaching work in three key areas:

  • Leadership, Executive Presence, and Soft Skills (effectively managing your team, making yourself known, and other “how tos” of business)
  • Self-Mastery and Self-Actualization (including living in balance)
  • Transition (including selling a family business, onboarding to new positions and roles, as well as retirement transition)


Susan is truly wonderful at what she does and how she applies her craft. When I initially set out to find an Executive Coach, I had a rough idea of what questions to ask during each consultation. What I did not know is what type of coach I truly needed. I instantly knew Susan is what I needed by the end of our initial conversation and to this day, she continuously amazes me with her dedication and passion towards coaching me on my journey.

Through the intake and assessment tools, she accurately identified my ‘areas’ in need of enhancement and mapped out a solid plan to leverage my strengths to counter those areas. I honestly don’t know if I could have successfully transitioned through (and out of) all the changes and challenges I encountered (both professionally and personally) over the past 18 months without her constant encouragement and passionate coaching.

Tara Harris, SPHR, SWP / Associate Director, People, HelloFresh

Susan helped me as I transitioned into a leadership role in a new company. There are many things I appreciate about her, one of which is getting to know me as a person and customizing her advice and suggestions based on me, my needs, and the specific situations I was in.

She is a wonderful coach who empowers you to do what you were meant to do! She’s practical but pushes you to do the right thing for your role and career trajectory.

Sarah Corson / Head of HR at Cordell Practice Management Group

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to reach the next level in my career and increase my executive presence. I worked with her for nearly a year, and Susan helped me identify methods for navigating interpersonal dynamics and bringing intentionality to relationship building within my professional relationships.

As a result of our work together, I achieved my goals and got the promotion I wanted. Equally importantly, I learned skills that will help me manage what I think a successful career will look like in the years to come. Susan has a formidable background that allows her to be exceptionally effective in coaching. Susan’s approach is non-threatening and compassionate, and she provides very focused support toward her client’s goals. She combines her experience, intuition, and knowledge to provide guidance appropriate for each unique set of circumstances. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for an executive coach.

Michael Hagemann / Vice President, Solution Architecture, Knowable

I decided to work with Susan because I wanted to improve my executive skill set so that I could continue to achieve my goals. Since working with Susan I have been elected to a Board of Trustees of a large educational foundation, which was one of my goals.

Susan helped me to identify that I am too trusting and need to withhold some trust for others to earn rather than just give it to them. I like to think of it as “trust but verify” as a way to have someone earn more of my trust.

As a result of working with Susan, I have resolved one of the underlying issues I had dealing with subordinates employees who do not align with my values. I now recognize those individuals and so I am more careful to not respond emotionally. She has caused me to stop, think, and then speak so that I do not respond inappropriately or emotionally.

I felt very comfortable opening up to Susan from the beginning of our time working together. She took my responses and either agreed, expounded, or corrected my perspective all without being condescending or demeaning. Even when she was pointing out how misdirected my perspective might be, I never felt threatened.

Jack E. Lechner, Jr., CFSP, CT / President and CEO, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Sciences

I decided to work with Susan because I was at a pivotal point my career, getting ready to interview for a promotion to the next level of my organization. Susan helped me to identify my unique value proposition with my team and as a leader. We also took things a step further than my interview and really dove into where that value would translate into future contributions to my organization.

As a result of working with Susan, I received the promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. More importantly, I seamlessly overcame several hurdles that could have derailed my progress.

Suzanne Cesler, MBA / North American Regional Leader, Amazon

Susan has been my coach for over a year and I can’t say enough positive things about her or about the experience. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone and improve my leadership skills in a myriad of ways.

I love that she helps me discover things about myself – both my strengths and areas of growth. Every coaching session with her comes with lots of “aha” moments and I always come out with very specific ideas of how I can do better, how I can improve my skills and how I can grow as a person and as a CEO.

I love the fact that she really listens and often hears beyond the words, many times having insights on things that I didn’t even realize.

She’s tough – you can’t fool her, or lie to yourself or her during your sessions – but you always feel encouraged and supported.

 Coaching with Susan has truly been one of the best investments I or my organization has made.

There is no one I would more highly recommend if you want to get to the next level of your leadership and to really accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I am truly a huge fan of Susan’s and appreciate what an amazing person and coach she is.

Anne Miskey / Executive Director, Downtown Women’s Center

After having my own consulting practice for 20+ years, I became an employee at one of my clients. This should be easy! So why was I struggling in this new role? Susan was recommended to me and what a fantastic opportunity this has been!

I’ll admit, working with Susan is hard work, she holds you accountable and really pushes you to take a deep look inside yourself – who you are, how you got there, and what makes you the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

I’ve left my employee position and am headed back to consulting. This is right where I want to be, where I need to be, and with a much clearer vision for myself and my practice! Thank you Susan; it’s been a long journey and I would never have gotten here without you!

Marilyn Payne / Nonprofit Financial Consultant

I had but a brief experience of executive coaching with Susan, just one month due to our particular arrangement. 4 sessions, 5 five hours total. After just 2 hours together, Susan had deftly identified the crucial things that were standing in the path between where I was and where I wanted to go – blocks even I had never realized before. A year later, I can attest to the phenomenal results she was able to coach me to attain. Susan has a remarkable ability to dig very deep, very quickly, uncover hidden obstacles and how to overcome them, and to both inspire and empower you to take the actions needed to achieve your goals. It is an intense, rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to take it ALL to the next level.

Monica Swinney, Ph.D. / Chief Engineer, Drug Delivery & Devices R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

I decided to work with Susan because I really needed to find a “peer” as a business owner…someone I could talk to about the trials and tribulations of owning a small business. Susan helped me to identify the things I am good at and the things I need to work on. As a result of working with Susan, I have learned to take risks, feel more confident and understand that I know more than I thought I knew!

I highly recommend Susan because she is kind, experienced, dedicated, a real person, and completely genuine in every possible way.

Susan is truly the most amazing person. She herself is business owner and understands what it means to do the hard work of managing, leading and growing a small business. My work with her in 2014 was the most important thing I have ever done to make my business sustainable.

Shelli Herman / Shelli Herman Search

Executive coaching metaphor: black and white hummingbird dipping its beak into a flower


Executive coaching involves reflection, inquiry, feedback, and discussion. When you work with us, you’ll get a new perspective on problems, discover new ways of approaching your career, your relationships, and your life. Many of our coaching clients use their sessions to calibrate and assess existing strategies.

In your sessions, you’ll discuss ways you can be more effective, efficient, and productive, and you’ll often analyze situations from a variety of angles to see if another perspective or strategy would work better. You’ll develop action plans, and your coach will hold you accountable to implementing those action plans. And you’ll work on leadership strategies, creating a successful corporate culture, and getting the best out of your team.


Initial Phone Conversation

It starts with a phone conversation to ascertain if you’re a good fit with your executive coach. You’ll have a chance to talk with your coach about your life and your business or your career, and to get to know your coach, so that you can both determine if it’s a good fit.

Your Commitment

Once you and and your executive coach have decided to move forward in our work together, you’ll commit to three things:

  • Regular phone-based executive coaching. Most of our clients have weekly executive coaching conversations with their coach. Some also have daily morning or evening check-ins, as well as “vent sessions,” to blow off steam.
  • Commitment Length. We prefer to work with executive coaching clients that we can impact in a substantial, significant way. Therefore, we limit our executive coaching work to clients who are willing to commit to a minimum of six months of coaching, with a three-month trial period, and the understanding that your work may not be “done” within that timeframe.
  • Doing the work. Successful executive coaching requires the client to be fully present and accountable. We ask that you:
    • Set aside the time for each coaching session such that you are in a quiet, interrupted space with no distractions.
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared to dig deep and get real.
    • Do the homework – the in-between-session pondering, exercises, and “thought experiments” that your coach may assign to you.

Your coach will push you, helping you to resolve old wounds, revise ineffective strategies and patterns, learn new skillsets, and develop more effective coping mechanisms. You’ll discover more about yourself in the first month than you probably have in years.

Many of my coaching clients stay with me for years, continuously pressing their boundaries and self-discovery, achieving more than they ever imagined they could. Your coach will become a trusted resource, ally, and mentor, but it is not our intent for clients to become dependent, so you can expect your coach to encourage independence at every step.

Our Executive Coaching Process

You’ll begin with an initial assessment…or two. We’ll start with a personality assessment, which provides us with a shared language to begin our work together. You’ll also complete a leadership skillset assessment. This metrics-based assessment provides us with a baseline measurement for where you are in specific leadership skills and where we need to spend time. Depending on your situation, we may also complete a 360 assessment, which will give us a much richer dataset to work with.

Then you’ll start your executive coaching sessions. The inner workings of a coaching conversation are somewhat difficult to describe, as they vary from client to client, being tailored to the specific needs, goals, and personality of each client. Our coaches possess a substantial “toolbox” of methods to help root out the cause of challenges and struggle, and they will use whatever modalities are best suited to you, your personality, and your goals.

The way in which you work with your executive coach will be specifically designed in terms of what works best for you. For example, some of our executive coaching clients work best in a highly structured environment, with a clearly established routine: each session has the same structure each week. Other clients prefer a flowing conversation that may delve into unanticipated (but highly relevant and productive) topics before coming back to the original agenda.

Your executive coach will meet you where you are and guide you to the kind of session that works best for you to make major leaps. Most sessions are 45 minutes to an hour in length (with the exception of morning/evening check-ins and vent sessions, which are typically 15-minute sessions, held in addition to the weekly sessions).

We’ll measure your progress. You’ll repeat your skillset assessment every 6 or 12 months, depending on your needs. We’ll go over the results together and discuss where to adjust and where to invest more time. You may wish to repeat your 360, but we recommend that you wait 1-2 years in between assessments.

It’s important to find a coach who can respect your vulnerability and meet you where you are. The coaching relationship is a unique relationship that you and your coach will co-create. There are times when your coach may just listen to you for awhile. Sometimes it takes time to build trust and let off steam before you do a deep dive, and that’s okay. Your coach will assess where you are and what you’re ready to do. And when you’re ready, that’s when you’ll dig in and do some heavy lifting together.

The Rates

At Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching, we do not work on an hourly basis. Our fees factor in regular meeting time as well as in-between session email access and emergency sessions. We do not publish rates publicly, but we do offer a variety of coaching packages and options designed to meet a range of needs. When you meet with your coach for an initial conversation, your coach will assess your needs, you’ll will determine if it’s a good fit for both of you. If it is a fit, your coach will provide you with a quote at that time.

Where needed, our rates will also include an annual, comprehensive board report, in which your coach will detail the results of your assessments, describing the work you’ve done, where you still need to place some attention, all while maintaining maximum confidentiality.

Circumstances under which we will not coach you:

If you suffer from a mental illness or your coach believes the issues that challenge you may be better served through working with a qualified therapist, we will make that recommendation and will not work with you until you have been adequately treated.

Also, we will not work with you if you are closed to new ideas or experiences. You must be coachable and willing to work toward your highest good.


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