When it comes to executive coaching, sometimes I’m asked if executive coaching *has* to happen 1:1. My answer is this: maybe and maybe not. The answer isn’t one size fits all. 1:1 executive coaching is more expensive than group coaching. But both styles have tremendous benefits. 1:1 coaching is great for deep work and solving big challenges. I often prescribe 1:1 work as a starting point. If you can afford to continue on in individual work after we’ve done the really deep work, there are big advantages. You’ll get my undivided attention and we can make progress faster.

For clients who have budgetary challenges, however, or who don’t want or need to do big, deep work, group coaching can be a very rewarding and useful experience. Even if you have big challenges, you can start with 1:1 coaching, knock out the big stuff, and then transition to group coaching. Group coaching is exciting because you can engage with peers, network and commiserate, plus, in the group program we’re about to launch, you’ll be able to engage with other coaches – a wellness and health coach, a resume writer and LinkedIn specialist, stylists to help you build the best self-presentation, and more – and be able to reach them any time for personal questions.

So while 1:1 coaching is fantastic (and my personal favorite), the group coaching experience we’re designing will be just as fantastic and rich, and will even include some bells and whistles that 1:1 work doesn’t offer. Group coaching and individual executive coaching aren’t even mutually exclusive. One could engage in both and get all the benefits, too. I think the point is that again, it’s not one size fits all. It’s more of a question of what works best for your situation and your budget. Ask me anything and I’ll help guide you!

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