The Magic and the Curse of ADHD in Adult Women (and my own story)

By |2017-05-22T15:12:47-04:00May 25th, 2016|ADHD, Brain Junk, Coaching, Health, Mindset, Personal Growth, Self Care, Stuff to Inspire|

This morning, I clicked to view this article on ADHD in adulthood from my Facebook trending news. I'm intrigued by the appearance of ADHD in adult women, but also just intrigued by ADHD in general, as many of my clients suffer from it and come to me for help managing ADHD challenges as business owners and [...]

Why You Should Stop Trying to Make This Year Your Best Year Ever

By |2017-05-22T15:13:11-04:00January 2nd, 2016|Lifestyle, Mindset, Personal Growth, Self Care, Success|

"Make THIS Year Your Best Year Ever!" You've seen it, right? This time of year it seems every blogger and every expert/guru/whatever is touting their latest programs to help you make this year your best year ever, the bestest, most incredible, most amazing, best year ever. The year in which you will achieve all your goals [...]

Daily Gratitude Practice: The Surprising Truth (and How I Automate Gratitude)

By |2017-05-22T15:13:29-04:00November 25th, 2015|Brain Junk, Personal Growth, Self Care|

This year, at the beginning of the year (okay, in February), I started a daily gratitude practice. I’ve always had a daily gratitude practice intent, but I have a terrible memory, so even though I would plan to think of three things I was grateful for before I even left the bed in the morning, [...]

5 Ways to Move More and Improve Your Mood at the Same Time

By |2017-05-22T15:14:07-04:00July 15th, 2015|Active Work, Brain Junk, Personal Growth, Sedentary Work, Self Care|

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle leads to depression and anxiety? It's true! And it's not just mental health that is impacted by a sedentary life, but also physical health (which seems super obvious). Earlier this year, I sustained a foot injury that completely changed my lifestyle. Where I had been exercising regularly and [...]

How to Be Happy

By |2017-05-22T15:14:19-04:00March 20th, 2015|Brain Junk, Mindset, Personal Growth, Self Care, Stuff to Inspire|

Happiness. It's a simple thing...right? But if being happy was so simple, then why would there be over 127 million web pages that talk about how to be happy? That's how many pages came up when I searched the term, "how to be happy" for this article. Why am I searching that phrase? Because it's International [...]

The Dark and Dirty Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

By |2017-05-22T15:14:32-04:00January 1st, 2015|Personal Growth|

These are officially the worst resolutions ever set. Ever. It's the latest trend in personal development: to hate on New Year's Resolutions. Lately it seems all I'm seeing is social media and blog posts blasting New Year's Resolutions. "Do away with resolutions!" "Why I Hate New Year's Resolutions!" they cry. What Did New [...]

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