Recession-Proof Your Business: Managing Economic PTSD and Ensuring Your Future

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Every business ebbs and flows over time. But if you were in business in the Great Recession, then you probably know what real struggle means. Most businesses that survived the Recession of Dec. 2007-June 2009 had a difficult time keeping the doors open, nevermind remaining profitable. And most business owners were scarred by the experience. [...]

How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

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I’ve heard from some of you asking what “good email open rates” are for your newsletters and requesting best practices and tips. In this post, I'll share some best practices and tips to improve your email open rates. What's the big deal about subject lines? Your email subject line is what gets your emails opened. [...]

The Three Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Booking Prospective Clients

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As my success has grown over the years, I've had an increasing number of demands on my time and a lot of people seeking to get me to hire them for various purposes. Additionally, I often look for new people to fill specific roles on my team, and as a result have discovered some pretty [...]

Business in Blue Jeans Radio, Episode 3

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Episode 3 is Now Live! Get the new episode here! View the video episode: This week on Business in Blue Jeans Radio, Susan Baroncini-Moe covers taxes, Inspiration, the current state of business, and recycling obsolete electronics, and interviews David Meerman Scott, social media and marketing speaker and author of The New Rules of Marketing [...]

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