Recession-Proof Your Business: Managing Economic PTSD and Ensuring Your Future

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Every business ebbs and flows over time. But if you were in business in the Great Recession, then you probably know what real struggle means. Most businesses that survived the Recession of Dec. 2007-June 2009 had a difficult time keeping the doors open, nevermind remaining profitable. And most business owners were scarred by the experience. [...]

How to Harness Your Superpowers

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Image courtesy of What if you could leap tall buildings in a single bound? What if you had x-ray vision? What if you could fly? We all wish we could harness our superpowers and do amazing things. In this article, I'll show you how to harness your superpowers. In fact, I'll show you [...]

The “BabiesRUs” Anti-Guide to Customer Service

By |2017-05-22T15:20:11-04:00December 18th, 2012|Customer Service|

Delivering good customer service is paramount to success in today's competitive economy. In fact, customer service is the one thing that can set you apart in the marketplace. But as you're about to see, it can set you apart in a good way…or in a bad way. This is not my baby. I do [...]

Medical Alert! 5 Ways to Improve Your Wellness or Medical Practice

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It's official: The newest group of professionals on my "Needs to Learn More about Service" list is in medical offices. Sorry, docs, but you've got a long way to go (and coming from a medical family and having managed my dad's practice for years, I tend to look at this from both the physician's and [...]

The Three Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Booking Prospective Clients

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As my success has grown over the years, I've had an increasing number of demands on my time and a lot of people seeking to get me to hire them for various purposes. Additionally, I often look for new people to fill specific roles on my team, and as a result have discovered some pretty [...]

What Santa Claus Can Teach You About Business Success

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Santa knows a lot about business! Even if, say, this particular guy looks slightly sinister. This time of year, many of us are thinking about Santa Claus and looking forward to his visit down the chimney (and trying to remember not to light a fire on Christmas Eve!)It occurred to me this morning [...]

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