The Most Important Thing You Must Know

This is important: I let my yerba mate sit until it’s slightly above lukewarm. Generally, it’s a good idea to let any food or drink cool for awhile. I let mine cool until I could, if I wanted to, drink it all in one gulp. I do not actually drink it in one gulp, I just let it cool quite a bit. The research suggests that drinking scalding hot liquid can injure cells in the esophagus, making esophageal cancer more likely.

So I let it cool down, steeping all the while. When it’s about the temperature I want, I remove the infuser and place it in a small glass. I drink my tea. Then I make another cup with the same leaves.

Theoretically, I could make several more cups from the same leaves – yerba mate is a strong drink and the leaves are traditionally re-steeped again and again. But mostly I just enjoy my two cups and then I’m done.

What I’ve found is that yerba mate provides me with a slow, lasting caffeine-based alertness that doesn’t feel like anxiety. It lasts from about 6 AM until mid-afternoon, when I may have a green tea or a cup of pu-erh tea. But more often than not, it simply serves as a gentle “wake up” in the morning, and then I’m good to go.

Generally, with yerba mate, I am productive, without being anxious. I think it’s a better way. For me.

Should You Drink Yerba Mate, Too?

I believe that both coffee and yerba mate are reasonably healthy. The jury’s still out on Bulletproof Coffee.

But what matters most is your body, your palate, and what you want to do. Can you work your way around to liking yerba mate? Do you take medications that would suggest you should be staying away from caffeine anyway? What does caffeine do to you?

I recommend that you try a bunch of stuff. Try one thing one day and another thing another day. Or try something for a week and see how you feel. Be scientific about it and only change that one thing. So, only try yerba mate for a week, for example, and see how you feel. If you think you’re getting too much caffeine, pull back and try that for a week. If you think you’re getting too little, add another cup and see how you feel.

That’s how I figure out what works for me – I try stuff. You can do it, too.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]