My Second Mistake

I suppose you could argue that I didn’t really make my Bulletproof Coffee 100% properly. I did not buy the “special magic beans.” No, I did not buy the special MCT oil. I used Kona coffee beans in a French press with organic coconut oil and organic butter.

What I Discovered About Bulletproof Coffee…and About Myself

Bulletproof Coffee is delicious. Super-mega-crazy-yummy. It just is. Then again, with all that fat, how could it not be, right?

But delicious doesn’t always equal “good for you” (except in the case of a juice peach, good pears, red grapes, or kale chips). And I don’t want to spend upwards from 400 calories each morning just on coffee.

More importantly, what I noticed in two days of drinking this stuff is that the caffeine from the Bulletproof Coffee created a feeling of anxiety in the pit of my belly all day long. It. Was. Horrible. And it lasted. Way too long.

I already suffer from anxiety (which I manage largely through meditation, yoga, diet, and other strategies), so doing anything that actually activates that “ugh” anxious feeling in my belly, when I already work very hard to get rid of that feeling? No, thank you.

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