Want to get more out of Business in Blue Jeans? Want to connect with me and get exclusive, limited (and very awesome) prizes worth over $50,000? Well, here’s your chance, and it’ll only be available for 48 hours!!! Here’s the countdown clock:

Stuff You Need to Know:

  • This is THE promotion for the book. I won’t be hosting any more promotions. The book’s out June 4 and these prizes go away at midnight Eastern time on June 5.
  • The book bonuses can only apply to HARDCOVER copies shipped to US addresses. Sorry, peeps outside the country!!
  • All bonuses will be delivered the week of 6/10 (digital) and 6/17 (non-book physical)
  • If you don’t need all of the books you buy, I will be more than happy to donate the extras to a library, school, company, event, or organization for you.
  • The giveaway lasts precisely 48 hours and will not be extended past midnight on Wednesday. It is on a first come, first served basis.

Here are the giveaways:

Buy 3 print books:

  • Exclusive 2-hour Q&A with me after launch ($97 value)
  • Full access to my “Interviews with the Masters” interview recordings, with 15 amazing, hugely successful entrepreneurs, experts, and authors ($97 value)
  • Free copy of my Money Matters e-book, with 25 ways to get your finances in order and bonus “Tips to Make Luxury Affordable” chapter ($47 value)

Buy 25 print books:

  • Everything in 3 print book offer
  • Exclusive access to 1-hour marketing webinar with me ($197 value)
  • Your very own Business in Blue Jeans bookmark, hand-signed by me! (value: priceless, obviously)
  • Your choice of three awesome Business in Blue Jeans posters ($25 value)

Buy 500 print books (limited to 25):

  • Everything in 100 book offer
  • Full day group retreat with me (choose from 3 available dates; value $3,000)
  • 1 hotel night in Indianapolis included ($250 value)
  • 30 minute individual consultation with me about your business ($250 value)

Want to buy more than 1,000 books?

Contact me directly at susan-at-businessinbluejeans-dot-com. I have fancypants packages put together for 1,000 books (package valued at $10,243) and 4,000 books (package valued at $36,473) that include full-day, individual VIP consulting time and keynote speeches to your company or organization. And I can get you a heck of a deal on the books.:)

Instructions for Claiming Your Prizes:

  1. Buy one copy (remember, it has to be a hardcover copy—digital or ebooks don’t count) at your favorite online retailer.
  2. Email a photo, PDF, scan, or screencapture shot* of your receipt, along with your full name, email address, and street address (for 25 or more books) to david@businessinbluejeans.com

*Not sure how to get a PDF or screenshot of your receipt? Here are some tools to help you out: