*UPDATE* I can no longer recommend the company mentioned in this article. My current recommendation, along with a full explanation for why I made a change can be found here.

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I’m pretty tech-savvy. I’ve built many web sites from the ground up and I taught web design and development at a Big Ten University. I know how web stuff works better than most people. I’ve worked with a lot of web hosting companies over the years, and Bluehost is pretty much the bee’s knees when it comes to hosting web sites for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why?

Why I Love Bluehost:

1. Easy Setup.

Setting up your account with Bluehost is as easy as pie.

2. Amazing Customer Support.

Bluehost has exceptional customer support. They’re reliable, they’re friendly, and they’re invested in making sure you get what you need. Any time you run into a challenge, you can call their toll-free number or use their on-site chat and someone will help you solve your problem. And they won’t leave you hanging, either: most callers are on hold for less than 30 seconds (I don’t think I’ve ever been on hold). The folks at Bluehost meet my personal “buena gente” standards.

3. No Down Time.

I’ve experienced literally no outages since moving my sites to Bluehost. They’re extremely reliable, which is more than I can say for other companies that charge more.

4. They Make Things Work Faster.

Bluehost is always working on new scripts and doodads to make your site run faster and more efficiently. I like that they’re constantly striving to do what they do better.

5. Excellent and Easy WordPress Hosting.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, especially if you’re not super-tech-savvy, the smartest thing you can do is have your site built on the WordPress platform. Wordpress will make managing and updating your site so easy, it’s not even funny. And that, my friends, makes your life easier.

Bluehost is beloved by my web developer because they make hosting WordPress sites so darned easy. It’s literally one click to install. Plus, they’re uniquely designed to make WordPress sites run better and faster.

6. Multiple Domain Hosting.

If you’re an entrepreneur with multiple business interests or multiple web sites (for example, I own Business in Blue Jeans, Susan Baroncini-Moe, Break A Record With Susan, and many more sites), you will love that Bluehost lets you host everything in one account. You can host unlimited domains and web sites with unlimited space within just one account, for one price!

When I saw my client’s invoice, I looked like this, except female. And no tie. So really, not at all like this, except for the abject shock and horror.

7. Excellent Pricing.

One of my clients recently emailed me an invoice from her local tech company that’s been hosting her web site. The invoice was for $250/year. I just about swallowed my tongue.

Your domain name registration and annual renewals should never cost more than $8-15/year. Your annual hosting shouldn’t be more than $90. With Bluehost, you get the first year’s domain registration free (or you can transfer your domain to them at no charge).

My Bias:

Bear in mind that I am slightly biased about Bluehost. They were the official sponsors of my Guinness World Records® record-breaking event, Break A Record With Susan, when I broke the record for the world’s longest uninterrupted live webcast. Dan Handy, their CEO, and James Grierson, their VP of Business Development & Affiliate Management, were my guests during the event. I just think the world of Dan and James and Bluehost in general. They’re a really great company. FYI, just so you know, the links in this post are, in fact, affiliate links, which means that when you click them and sign up with Bluehost, they send me a little “thank you” check for sending business their way.

So that’s my bias. But I have to tell you that if I didn’t have that bias, I would still recommend Bluehost, for all the reasons above. I love doing business with companies that are good people (that “buena gente” thing) and who do what they do really well. You simply can’t go wrong here.

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