The world today faces many challenges – climate change, food insecurity, political division, inequality, a pandemic recovery, the Great Resignation, supply chain, and more – and each of these challenges will require a great deal more from our leaders in the coming years than ever before.

Our mission is to make a meaningful, positive impact on the world by transforming executives into world-class leaders who can take on tomorrow’s challenges. Whether your organization is a non-profit, an academic institution, or a corporate entity (yes, even small business), we can help your executives to transform into the leaders you need to lead your organization forward, to create a healthy organizational culture, and to build your succession bench with capable, qualified, exceptional future leaders.


Founded in 2003, we began as a small business coaching and consulting company and evolved into the executive and leadership development company we are today. 

Today, we work with a network of highly-vetted executive coaches to facilitate our clients’ needs and help world-class leaders around the world. We’ve worked  with clients on four continents in a wide range of industries. Our clients have included companies like Amazon, DHL, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Annheuser-Busch InBev, and Eli Lilly and Company, notable nonprofits including Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles The Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, Union Station Homeless Services, and private family foundations, and prestigious academic institutions including Parsons School of Art and Design The New School.


Susan Baroncini-Moe, Executive Coach

Susan Baroncini-Moe, author of the bestselling book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style, and her new book, The BounceBack Artist: The 8-Step System for Conquering Life’s Setbacks, is an executive coach and business leader with over nineteen years’ experience.

  • Master’s degree in Social Psychology
  • Certified Executive Coach – Nightingale-Conant’s Lead the Field Executive Success Coaching
  • Leadership Circle Profile Certified
  • NSight Executive Success Certified Coach – Meridiem, Inc.
  • Inclusive Leadership Certification – Catalyst, Inc.
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP Comprehensive
  • Certified Meditation Teacher – The Meditation Organization
  • MicroMasters certification in Instructional Design & Technology – the University of Maryland
  • Top Leadership Speaker of 2018 –

Susan is a sought-after strategist, and she and her businesses have been featured on ABC and in Redbook magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, USA Today, MSN Living, Yahoo Finance, Investors Business Daily, Social Media Examiner, American Express Open Forum, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, and more.

Susan is also the founder of Baroncini-Moe Food Foundation, Inc. 

Susan held the Guinness World Records® title for the world’s longest uninterrupted live webcast for two and a half years. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Junior League of Indianapolis, has launched three nonprofit organizations, has tried over 100 hobbies, plays the violin, and travels the globe with her Uruguayan rock star husband, Leo (also our Director of Operations). Susan has read over 3,500 books on the subjects of personal development and personal growth, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, psychology, coaching, wellness, health, wellbeing, networking, marketing, strategic planning, relationships, interpersonal dynamics, philosophy, and management.

Susan maintains offices in both Los Angeles, California  (Century City) and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Be sure to read full testimonials from Susan’s clients! Or, just schedule a time to meet with Susan now!


Leonardo Baroncini

Leonardo Baroncini

Director of Operations

With a background in web development, relational databases, and customer services, Leo oversees all technical operations and systems and acts as client liaison. A native of Uruguay, Leonardo became a proud United States citizen in 2019. Leo is an accomplished drummer and, in his off-duty hours, he records in his studio with his songwriting partner in Argentina.

Dori Ben Chanoch

Dori Ben-Chanoch, CPCC

Executive Coach

Mr. Dori Ben-Chanoch has been in the training & development field for the last 20 years. He has specialized in the area of Leadership Development, Executive Presence, EQ & Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Business Transformation. Dori’s professional background involves extensive experience as a top sales producer, and eventually a successful business owner in the financial services industry in North America, before transitioning to executive coaching, leadership development, and corporate training programs design and delivery. Dori’s work has led him around the globe, and he has worked in top companies and organizations across the financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, and communication sectors. Dori loves traveling, exploring new territories, listening to great music, and spending fun times with his wife, 3 kids, and good friends located around the globe.

Gerald Edgley

Gerald Edgley, PCC

Executive Coach

Jerry is committed to masterful, action-oriented coaching that moves clients and their organizations forward in more holistic, dynamic, balanced, and meaningful ways. During his career in strategic planning, process improvement, leadership coaching, and training, Jerry has helped clients to think more strategically and be more effective leaders, team members, and mentors. Jerry draws on a wealth of experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, education levels, cultures, and interests to solve an array of technical and business challenges through appreciative inquiry. Jerry is particularly adept at helping clients in leadership positions articulate a vision, strategies, identify and align resources, overcome impediments, and execute action plans. Jerry delivers practical solutions to help teams and individuals develop personally and professionally while meeting the vision and mission of their organization.

Maria Fafard

Maria Fafard, PCC, CPF

Executive Coach

Maria loves helping leaders, teams, and organizations reach their potential. Drawing on two decades of experience in Tech, Finance, and consulting, including Fortune 100, she coaches executives and teams. Maria’s coaching specialties include values-oriented life and career, self-awareness, leadership maturity (vertical development), servant leadership, and executive presence. Maria believes that coaching at its best sheds light onto our inner life. It uncovers and illuminates our belief system and values, assumptions and expectations, empowering us to transcend them if they do not serve us. Her core values are: Inner Peace, Helping Others, Spirituality, Creativity, and Growth, and she is grateful to be able to exercise these values in her work.

Kim Grabovsky

Kim Grabovsky, MCC

Executive Coach

With over 20 years of experience coaching and training professionals in financial services, Kim has championed leaders ranging from senior managers to senior leaders, to maximize their positive impact through strengths-based coaching. She has coached over 500 leaders and is committed to empowering her results-driven clients to better understand themselves and the results they want to create, giving them clarity, confidence, and energy to support them in leading themselves and others. Kim begins each engagement by finding out what’s most important for her client, then using established processes in which she taps into the natural strengths and values to help them reach their goals and maximize their potential. Kim approaches coaching in a gentle and compassionate way through deep listening, creating awareness, and asking powerful questions.

Alan Heymann

Alan Heymann, JD, PCC

Executive Coach

Alan specializes in working with introverts and those in transition, such as the transition from individual contributor to leader, the transition into a larger and more complex role, or the transition into a different career. He brings a warm, open and energetic presence to his coaching clients. The author of the book, Don’t Just Have the Soup: 52 Analogies for Leadership, Coaching and Life, Alan spent more than two decades in public, government, and nonprofit communications — leading teams from 2 to more than 100 people who use words and images to inspire positive change in society. Alan’s clients have spanned corporations (including the Fortune 50), nonprofit organizations, public utilities, federal, county and municipal governments.

Mike Jett

Mike Jett, CPCC

Executive Coach

Michael Clark Jett is an executive coach and a business consultant with extensive experience in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management disciplines. Michael has 38 years of experience in various executive leadership positions with Honda of America. During his time with Honda, Michael was heavily involved in programs to grow the leadership capabilities of top talent. Those programs focused on creating a legacy of leaders with diverse backgrounds that would lead Honda into the future of introducing new products with advanced technologies for customers worldwide. Michael describes his coaching philosophy in this manner – When the road forward looks hard & dark and the light of power fulfilling choices is dim, my job as a coach is to be out front or in some cases leading from behind, encouraging, pointing the way to a life fully lived, a life that is valued and without regret!

Mike Kraft

Mike Kraft, PCC, M.Ed.

Executive Coach

As a leadership coach, Mike guides clients to tap into their deepest convictions and take ownership of their leadership journeys. Mike holds space non-judgmentally for clients to explore their behaviors – and the underlying beliefs that drive these behaviors. When clients do this, they open more possibilities for themselves, and they learn to speak more courageously, connect more deeply, lead more decisively, and achieve peak performance. Mike has facilitated corporate teambuilding programs and taught a course on experiential learning at the University of Virginia. He has worked in healthcare, hospitality, outdoor recreation, and construction companies and in the private and public sectors.

Anne-Marie Marron

Anne-Marie Marron, MBA

Executive Coach

Anne-Marie has worked parallel to top executives, and seen firsthand what drives a typical business leader. She has led teams, cultures and clients through multiple types of transitions and times of conflict and chaos. With an MBA and over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, operations, and creating conscious business cultures of integrity, authenticity and respect. Combined with 17 years of studying and applying body-centered methodologies, mindfulness practices and authentic leadership models she invites ways to integrate who we are with what we do. Anne-Marie focuses on both strategic visioning and operations guiding clients to create sustainable and collaborative systems that minimize stress and access group wisdom.

Doug Nathan

Doug Nathan, PCC

Executive Coach

Doug has been coaching for over 20 years. He began at Microsoft teaching managers how to coach their employees around career development, which led to coaching high-potential employees and executives within Microsoft to accelerate their growth and business results. Doug has worked with executives and leadership teams in global high-tech and business organizations as well as government and public education. Doug brings a strengths-based, whole-systems approach to his coaching and consulting. As he focused on the individual he looks at connections between people, systems, and structures within an organization to understand why people do what they do and then strategizes how to achieve desired outcomes.

Cynthia Scott

Cynthia Scott, Ph.D, M.P.H.

Executive Coach

Cynthia specializes in building capacity for change and transformation in individuals, teams, and organizations. She brings over 40 years of experience as a consultant, author, and leadership coach; having served as a business school leadership professor, organizational psychologist, board member, executive, and change catalyst. Cynthia has a special interest in family business transitions, design and facilitation of leadership/strategy retreats, and coaching next-generation leaders. She also has a keen appreciation for navigating between leadership roles, identities, and life stages. Cynthia is the author of many books, including HealThyself, Self-Renewal, Stress Map, Rekindling Commitment, Empowerment, Take This Work and Love It, Managing Personal Change, Organizational Vision Values & Mission, Change Management, Getting Your Organization to Change and Leadership for Sustainability and Change.  

Maria van Hekken

Maria van Hekken, PCC

Executive Coach

Maria van Hekken is a leadership coach who helps executives and their teams become even more successful with a special approach that inspires positive vision, encourages positive action, and delivers positive results. She has an established record of success supporting diverse leaders in corporations, the federal government, and universities. Maria brings a wealth of experience and a unique, positive approach to executive and leadership coaching. She has over 20 years of experience as a trusted advisor to executives including CEOs, C-level executives, senior executives, top talent, and emerging leaders. She helps leaders build exceptional team performance, communicate more effectively, manage difficult conversations successfully, hold people accountable in a clear, collaborative way, and create a vision that others will want to achieve.

Gus Baroncini-Moe

Augustus “Gus” Baroncini-Moe

Chief Barketing Officer

With five and a half years of experience, Gus’s keen alertness in high-pressure situations makes him an ideal addition to the team. His favorite activity is licking faces.

Max Baroncini-Moe

Maxmillian “Max” Baroncini-Moe

Vice President of BounceBacks

Max’s unique ability to bounce higher than anyone else in our office and his four years of experience makes him the perfect choice to head our BounceBack team. His favorite activity is chasing chipmunks.

Sam Baroncini-Moe

Samuel “Sam” Baroncini-Moe

Vice President of Balance

Recently promoted from Intern status, Sam is responsible for helping our entire team maintain a healthy work-life balance.  Sam has two years of experience, and his favorite activity is napping.

Luc Baroncini-Moe

Lucas “Luc” Baroncini-Moe


A new addition to our team, Luc is responsible for making sure our team is awake and focused and ready for work, while he learns about the family business.  His favorite activity is racing around and chomping on toys.

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