I know, you think you can’t afford it, right? Having an assistant is something you find in larger enterprises, something celebrities have. But guess what? Having an assistant IS affordable and you can’t beat having someone at your beck and call to help you manage your business. Let’s take a look at five reasons having an assistant will save you money in your business:

Reason #1: An assistant will free up your time so you can spend it on income-generating activities.
Your assistant will take care of all those silly and unpleasant tasks you just don’t want to do. For example, I recently needed a list made that required some searching on the internet. It was easy enough work, but a trained monkey could do it and I have better things to do with my time that actually generate revenue. So I had my assistant do it and I was able to finish several projects in the meantime, projects that will earn income in the long run, and having my assistant handle these tasks cost me less than $100, a far cry from what I earned on the activities I spent my time on.

Reason #2: An assistant will make you shine.
I once had a client who needed a compelling PowerPoint presentation completed. Now, I have no trouble admitting is that I am terrible at graphic design. Once I was done with editorial work and amping up the text in the presentation, I called my assistant and he handled it with grace and finesse and had the presentation on my desk within 48 hours. It made me look really good and the client was thrilled.

Reason #3: The right assistant can manage your business as it grows.
I used to have a lot more time than I do now. Handling e-mails and replying to clients was easy because I had the time to put into it. These days, I really need more help and as my business grows, it’s only going to keep getting more complicated. Currently, my assistant helps with the easy e-mail responses and order processing. He can answer questions, provide technical support, and handle almost anything that doesn’t require my personal expertise. I’m free to do what I do best and he’s taking care of things that he’s become an expert on.

Reason #4: An assistant can make your personal life more manageable.
I know, I know. How, right? This is one of my favorite stories about my assistant. Last year, I visited Montevideo, Uruguay and was there for my fiance’s aunt’s birthday. Before I left, I decided that I wanted to give my fiance’s aunt a watch for her birthday- nothing expensive or extravagant, just a nice little watch that would make her smile (she is the sweetest little lady you could ever meet and I completely adore her). I had some very clear ideas about what I wanted but when I searched online, I couldn’t find anything that met my needs. So I sent the specs to my assistant, and 24 hours later, had a Word document with 12 options, complete with pictures, pricing and the web address where I could get each option. And don’t even get me started about how my assistant called 37 shoe stores looking for a pair of shoes I was obsessed with! Do you think I would’ve had the time to do that? Nope- and instead, while he was hunting down a pair in my size, I was earning the money to pay for those shoes!

Reason #5: Your assistant can earn money for your business.
While you’re out doing what you do best, who’s marketing your business? Who’s out there finding out where you should market, who your competition is, and what other services or products you might want to offer to better serve your clientele? Your assistant can make a huge difference to your business by either engaging in awareness-building activities or doing market research to help you figure out where your efforts will be best spent. This alone will save you money AND make you money at the same time!.

So after all this, how can you get an assistant of your own?

It’s called virtual assisting and it’s incredibly affordable. Virtual assisting is where you have an assistant who doesn’t live in your area and doesn’t come to your office. 90% of my work with my virtual assistant takes place via e-mail. I e-mail a request and the request gets handled and sent back to me. I have spoken on the phone to my assistant a couple of times, but more often than not, it’s just as simple to shoot him an e-mail and know he’ll be back with me in 48 hours.

Granted, you won’t have someone at your beck and call in person, and they won’t walk your dog or pick up your dry cleaning. But they’ll free up your time in ways you never expected and you’ll be free to do what you love and what you do best.

Choosing a virtual assistant isn’t always easy- you don’t have the same kinds of interviews as you’d have in person. You’re better off with a team than an individual- if your assistant gets sick, there’s always someone to take over and make sure your tasks are still completed.


Our team at Business in Blue Jeans can help. Reach out today!

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