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“World-class leaders aren’t born. They’re forged in the fires of personal development, adversity, and determination.”

– Susan Baroncini-Moe


Executive Coach Susan Baroncini-Moe


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Whether you have an excellent leadership team you want to be even better, you’re struggling with a challenging organizational culture, or you’re a leader looking for leadership development and growth, we can help. For the last 20 years, Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching has been guiding and mentoring executives to become the most agile, flexible, high-performing, leaders in the market today.

Executive & Senior Leader Development

When it comes to our executive and senior leader development work, we operate on a data-driven, bespoke model that encompasses both coaching and consulting. Our coaches tailor their approach to the needs of each client, basing their selection of modalities on assessment data and interaction.

We build world-class leaders who can make a true difference in their organization and in their community.



Organizational culture has a direct and clear impact on key business metrics.

We use thoroughly-researched and validated assessments for a data-driven approach to assess the existing culture and tell us where your organization has its greatest challenges, so that we can design appropriate interventions that will move your organization forward.



Identifying and preparing the next generation of leaders in your organization is critical to long-term success. 

We’ll help you identify top performers who will make the best future leaders and then develop their critical leadership skills to help your next generation of leaders prepare to take their place at the helm.


Our Three-Pronged Approach
To Executive Coaching

Learn New Skills

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You’ll need new skills for each level up. We’ll train you in the skills you need to keep moving forward and help you learn how to use them.

Master Yourself

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Self-mastery is among the most crucial of steps in your leadership journey. We’ll help you uncover and adjust anything that’s holding you back from being a world-class leader.

Gain Perspective

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As you grow and develop as a leader, you’ll encounter a wide range of scenarios. We’ll be by your side to help you manage each one, guiding you as your confidante, counselor, and advisor.

About Our Founder

  • Founder: Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development Expert
  • Organizational Culture Expert
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Nonprofit Founder
  • Based in Indianapolis
  • Stepmom, Fur Mom, and Wife
  • Reader, Gardener, Lover of Most Crafts and Hobbies


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Susan is truly wonderful at what she does and how she applies her craft. I instantly knew Susan was what I needed by the end of our initial conversation and to this day, she continuously amazes me with her dedication and passion towards coaching me on my journey. Through the intake and assessment tools, she accurately identified my ‘areas’ in need of enhancement and mapped out a solid plan to leverage my strengths to counter those areas.

– Tara Harris
SPHR, SWP, Senior Director, Human Resources, Foot Locker

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Susan helped me as I transitioned into a leadership role in a new company. There are many things I appreciate about her, one of which is getting to know me as a person and customizing her advice and suggestions based on me, my needs, and the specific situations I was in.

She is a wonderful coach who empowers you to do what you were meant to do! She’s practical but pushes you to do the right thing for your role and career trajectory.

– Sarah Corson
Head of HR at Cordell Practice Management Group

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I decided to work with Susan because I was at a pivotal point my career, getting ready to interview for a promotion to the next level of my organization. Susan helped me to identify my unique value proposition with my team and as a leader. We also took things a step further than my interview and really dove into where that value would translate into future contributions to my organization.

As a result of working with Susan, I received the promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. More importantly, I seamlessly overcame several hurdles that could have derailed my progress.

– Suzanne Cesler
MBA, North American Regional Leader, Amazon

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Susan has been my coach for over a year and I can’t say enough positive things about her or about the experience. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone and improve my leadership skills in a myriad of ways.

Coaching with Susan has truly been one of the best investments I or my organization has made.

There is no one I would more highly recommend if you want to get to the next level of your leadership and to really accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I am truly a huge fan of Susan’s and appreciate what an amazing person and coach she is.

– Anne Miskey, Executive Director, Downtown Women’s Center

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I’ll admit, working with Susan is hard work, she holds you accountable and really pushes you to take a deep look inside yourself – who you are, how you got there, and what makes you the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

I'm right where I want to be, where I need to be, and with a much clearer vision for myself and my practice! Thank you Susan; it’s been a long journey and I would never have gotten here without you!

– Marilyn Payne, Nonprofit Financial Consultant

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I had but a brief experience of executive coaching with Susan, just one month due to our particular arrangement. 4 sessions, 5 five hours total. After just 2 hours together, Susan had deftly identified the crucial things that were standing in the path between where I was and where I wanted to go – blocks even I had never realized before. A year later, I can attest to the phenomenal results she was able to coach me to attain. Susan has a remarkable ability to dig very deep, very quickly, uncover hidden obstacles and how to overcome them, and to both inspire and empower you to take the actions needed to achieve your goals. It is an intense, rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to take it ALL to the next level.

– Monica Swinney, Ph.D., Chief Engineer, Drug Delivery & Devices R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

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