Susan focuses her coaching work in five key areas:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Life Balance (including relationships)
  • Transition (including career coaching and transition to/from corporate life)
  • Leadership and Business Management (effectively managing your team and the “how to” of business)
  • Business Acquisition (including marketing and implementation)

Coaching involves reflection, inquiry, feedback, and discussion. When you work with Susan, you’ll get a new perspective on problems, discover new ways of approaching your career, your relationships, and your life. Many of Susan’s coaching clients use their sessions to calibrate and assess existing strategies.

In your work with Susan, you’ll discuss ways you can be more effective, efficient, and productive, and you’ll often analyze situations from a variety of angles to see if another perspective or strategy would work better. You’ll develop action plans, and Susan will hold you accountable to implementing those action plans. And yes, you’ll talk about driving profit, including working on leadership strategies and getting the best out of your team.

The ultimate goal of coaching? To get you exactly where you want to go, personally and professionally, and to help you become a more effective, dynamic business owner.

How Susan’s Coaching Works

Initial Phone Conversation

It starts with a phone conversation to ascertain if you and Susan are a good fit. You’ll have a chance to talk with Susan about your life, your business or your career, and to get to know Susan, so that you can both determine if it’s a good fit.

Your Commitment

Once you and Susan have decided to move forward in your work together, you’ll commit to three things:

  • Regular phone coaching with Susan. Most of Susan’s clients have weekly coaching conversations with Susan. Some also have daily morning or evening check-ins, as well as “vent sessions,” to blow off steam.
  • Yearlong commitment. Susan prefers to work with clients she can impact in a substantial, significant way. Therefore, Susan limits her coaching work to clients who are willing to commit to a full year of coaching.
  • Doing the work. Successful coaching requires the client to be fully present and accountable. Susan asks that you:
    • Set aside the time for each coaching session such that you are in a quiet, interrupted space with no distractions.
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared to dig deep and get real.
    • Do the homework – in-between-session pondering, exercises, and “thought experiments.”

Susan will push you, helping you to resolve old wounds, heal old hurts, learn new skillets, and develop more effective coping mechanisms. You’ll discover more about yourself in the first month than you probably have in years.

Many of Susan’s coaching clients stay with her for years, continuously pressing their boundaries and self-discovery, achieving more than they ever imagined they could. Susan becomes a trusted resource, ally, and mentor to each of her clients, but it is not her intent for her clients to become dependent, so you can expect her to encourage independence at every step.

The Process

The inner workings of a coaching conversation are somewhat difficult to describe, as they vary from client to client, being tailored to the specific needs, goals, and personality of each client. Susan possesses a substantial “toolbox” of methods to help root out the cause of challenges and struggle, and will use whatever modalities are best suited to you, your personality, and your goals.

The way in which you work with Susan will be specifically designed by what works best for you. For example, some of Susan’s coaching clients work best in a highly structured environment, with a clearly established routine: eash session has the same structure each week. Other clients prefer a flowing conversation that may delve into unanticipated (but highly relevant and productive) topics before coming back to the original agenda.

Susan meets you where you are and guides you to the kind of session that works best for you to make major leaps. Most sessions are 45 minutes to an hour in length.

A Note from Susan:
It’s important to find a coach who can respect your vulnerability and meet you where you are. The coaching relationship is a unique relationship that you and I will co-create. I’ve had clients that I simply listened to for a long time, because they weren’t ready to dig in and do the work in the first session. Sometimes you need to build trust and let off steam before we do a deep dive, and that’s okay. I’ll see where you are and what you’re ready to do. And when you’re ready, that’s when we’ll dig in and do some heavy lifting.

The Rates

Susan does not work on an hourly basis. Her fees factor in regular meeting time as well as in-between session email access and emergency sessions. Susan does not publish her rates publicly, but she does offer a variety of coaching packages (see below) and options designed to meet a wide range of needs. When you meet with Susan for your initial conversation, she will assess your needs, the two of you will determine if it’s a good fit for both of you, and if it is a fit, Susan will provide you with a quote at that time.

The Package Options

Regular Coaching
Regular, scheduled deep dive coaching with email access.

  • Weekly scheduled coaching sessions.
  • Personalized year-end wrap-up and goal-setting session
  • Email access in between sessions.
  • Prioritized scheduling**.
Concierge Coaching
Elite, next-level coaching with scheduled deep dive coaching, check-in calls, vent sessions, and other perks.

  • Access to Susan’s private cell phone.
  • Weekly scheduled coaching sessions.
  • Daily scheduled check-in calls.
  • Scheduled vent sessions
  • Personalized year-end wrap-up and goal-setting session.
  • Personalized recorded meditations.
  • Email access in between sessions.
  • Guaranteed same day callback.
  • Prioritized scheduling.

Circumstances under which Susan will not coach you:

Susan will not work with individuals who are actively addicted to:

  • drinking,
  • drugs,
  • gambling,
  • toxic behavior,
  • or anything else.

If you suffer from a mental illness or Susan believes the issues that challenge you may be better served through working with a qualified therapist, she will make that recommendation and will not work with you until you have been adequately treated.

Susan will not work with you if you are closed to new ideas or experiences. You must be coachable and willing to work toward your highest good.

Think coaching might be right for you?

Then schedule a conversation and let’s see if we’re a fit.