You’re smart. Savvy. Accomplished.

You’ve achieved a lot in your life and in your career. And you might want more.

But the things that got you here may not be the same things that will get you there.

I’m Susan Baroncini-Moe, and I specialize in helping high-performing, highly successful women. My clients are extraordinary women who have achieved great heights in their careers. They’re CEOs, CFOs, high level executives, and successful business owners.

You’re probably a lot like the women I coach every day. You’re smart as a whip. You’re resourceful. You look for answers and solve problems…which is probably what brought you here.

It can be lonely at the top. You can’t vent to your employees. Having someone in your corner to listen, bounce ideas off of, and yes, even to just let off some steam now and then can be invaluable.

And sometimes you might want to tweak what I call “brain junk,” the baggage we all carry from childhood. You can achieve a lot while carrying that baggage – you already have – but you know if you could be freed from the weight of that baggage, you’d be able to do so much more.

I work with my clients on all kinds of issues, from guiding you to rid yourself of that “brain junk” to developing interpersonal skillsets and building effective, engaged teams, to crafting a thriving, productive corporate culture.

Could executive coaching be right for you? Maybe. But we won’t know if we’re a fit until we have a conversation. My recommendation? Learn more about me and about my coaching style, and then let’s schedule a time for a good conversation.