Impostor Syndrome: Why Do I Feel Like A Fraud, Even At The Top?

Impostor Syndrome: Why Do I Feel Like A Fraud, Even At The Top?

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome: one of the most stressful experiences in an executive’s life. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t deserve your success or that you’re about to be found out any minute, you might have impostor syndrome. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – at least 40% of successful people suffer from it. Want to learn more about impostor syndrome and how to cope with it?

In today’s world of “leaning in,” women do too much and still think we’re not doing enough. Moreover, we suffer from “impostor syndrome,” where no matter how fantastic we are at what we do, even if we’re the best, we still think we’re going to be “found out.”

In this 45-minute program, presented by author and “deep dive” executive coach, Susan Baroncini-Moe, you’ll learn where impostor syndrome comes from, why it haunts you, even when you’re at the top of your field, and how to combat it with specific techniques and strategies.

The workbook for this webinar may be downloaded here:



About the Author:

Susan Baroncini-Moe is an executive coach for high-performing individuals. As a "deep dive," strategic intervention coach, Susan has worked with clients on four continents in a wide range of industries. She is a sought-after strategist, and she and her businesses have been featured on ABC and in Redbook magazine, USA Today, MSN Living, Yahoo Finance, Investors Business Daily, Social Media Examiner, American Express Open Forum, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star, and more.

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